Dear all,

We offer two postdoc positions (two years each).
Deadline Nov. 15th. 

One in Privacy / ML / statistics:

(topics: ML, federated learning, deep learning, statistical model, 
interpretability, data privacy)

Another on non-additive measures & integrals:

(topics: cooperative game theory, numerical integration, Markov chains, 
probability distributions, decision making, or approximate reasoning)

  Research group: NAUSICA PrivAcy-AWare traNSparent deCIsions group,
Dept. Computing Sciences, Umea University. 
  Umeå is a clean and green city in northeast Sweden on the Ume river and near 
the coast. It is a university town capital of the Vasterbotten county and the 
largest city in northern Sweden.

For information:


vicenc torra, Dr., WASP Professor in AI, FIEEE, FEurAI, ISI elected Fellow
Dept. Computing Science, Umeå University, Sweden
Editor: Transactions on Data Privacy,