Postdoctoral Fellow and PhD Students sought in the general area of Machine Learning and Data Systems

Applicants are invited to apply for these positions to conduct research in projects funded by a leading telecommunications infrastructure company, concerning the use of Machine Learning models to optimise the performance of Data Systems, both holistically (i.e., optimising the system given an expected workload with auto-tuning techniques) and per query (i.e., query optimization techniques).

The projects will fund the postdoc fellow for at least one year and can be extended, based on performance. Funding for PhD students will include a stipend and fees for the duration of their studies.

The positions will be held within the Department of Computer Science at the University of Warwick. The Department is consistently ranked in the top UK CS Departments; it was ranked 2nd in the UK in the latest nationwide evaluation of UK University CS research.

Prerequisites are the standard ones used to evaluate research ability and include excellent academic background. Ideal candidates will have a keen interest for implementation and experimental evaluation, excellent knowledge of Data Systems internals (in particular query optimization, indexing, data storage, caching, etc.)  and Statistical/Machine Learning (in particular Deep Learning, Probabilistic Graphical Models, Reinforcement Learning, etc.).

Interested candidates should express their interest by email to Professor Peter Triantafillou, ( 

The positions must be filled as soon as possible and applications will be evaluated as they arrive.