We announce that the textbook “Design with MongoDB – Best models for applications” authored by Alessandro Fiori is available, in e-book and paperback editions, at


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The textbook is the result of a long experience and continuous renovation in the teaching and developing of the topic 


Since the world of NoSQL databases is constantly evolving, many applications are adopting these new technologies to provide developers with increasingly powerful tools. One of their prominent hallmarks is the freedom from having to define a database model ahead - a feature known as being "schemaless". MongoDB, the market leader in NoSQL document databases, has made this feature its strong point. An unprecedented level of flexibility makes MongoDb an incredibly powerful tool, but may likewise compromise performance, if not properly tamed. The design of database models, therefore, becomes fundamental to achieving the best performance. In this book we will analyze some use cases and identify optimal modeling patterns, by taking into account the constraints of the application context. We will pinpoint the benefits, but also the tradeoffs that come with each pattern. These patterns will become our tools of the trade for taking full advantage of the power and flexibility of this document database, and building efficient applications.

Target Audience

The target audience includes students, lecturers, researchers, and practitioners of information technology, computer science, bioinformatics, sciences, and business.  Developers and consumers will be interested in discovering which models can be applied to improve performance based on the application scenarios. This book can also make an academic reference work by providing comprehensive coverage of modeling patterns for NoSQL databases.

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