============================ CCCI 2020 ===================================

* Call For Participation *

The 2020 International Conference on Communications, Computing, Cybersecurity, and Informatics, CCCI 2020, 
November 3-5 2020        // Virtual Conference

Conference Link: http://atc.udg.edu/CCCI2020/

Keynotes Link: http://atc.udg.edu/CCCI2020/keynotes.php

Program Link: http://atc.udg.edu/CCCI2020/CCCI2020_program_v15.pdf


*IEEE CCCI 2020 will feature superb technical papers/presentations and outstanding Keynote
Speeches by worldwide renowned scholars including: 

1. Albert Y. Zomaya (Univ. of Sydney)
   - Lightweight Short-term Photovoltaic Power Prediction for Edge Computing

2. Tuncer Ă–ren (Univ. of Ottawa) 
   - Grand Challenges in Modeling and Simulation: What M&S can do and what we should do for M&S? 

3. Geoffrey Charles Fox (Indiana Univ.)
   - Benchmarks and Data Engineering

4. Helen Karatza (Aristotle Univ. of Thessaloniki)
   - Cloud-Fog Computing for Real-Time Applications

5. Pierangela Samarati (Univ. degli Studi di Milano) 
   - Data security and privacy in emerging scenarios

6. Laurence T. Yang (St. Francis Xavier Univ.) 
   - Cyber-Physical-Social Systems: Design, Analytics, Security and Privacy

7. Hsiao-Hwa Chen (National Cheng Kung Univ.)
   - PHY-Layer Security via Resource Allocation in Cellular Underlay V2V Communications

8. Bin Zhou(CTO of Ascend Computing Business, Huawei, China). 
   - Full-Stack Optimization of AI Computing Architecture

More details on http://atc.udg.edu/CCCI2020/keynotes.php

For any further question, please contact:
Yu Guo 
Hongzhen Shi 
Petros Nicopolitidis 
Manar Abu Talib 

We look forward to your participation and meeting you virtually at CCCI 2020!