Ph.D. positions in Computer Science and Mathematics at the University of Cagliari

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Ph.D. positions (1 reserved to foreign candidates) available at the University of Cagliari for the Ph.D. in Mathematics and Computer Science.

The department of Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Cagliari has experts in several areas where the new students can decide to carry out their research: Human-Robot Interaction, Natural Language Processing, Graph Theory, Semantic Web, Financial Technology, Deep Learning, Cryptography, Human-Computer Interaction, Computer Vision, Image Processing, Internet of Things, Telecommunication Networks, Software Engineering, Blockchain Technologies and several other fields in theoretical and applied Mathematics.

Some of the research laboratories within the department are the following:

- Human-Robot Interaction Laboratory, http://hri.unica.it
- Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Laboratory, http://aibd.unica.it/
- Trustworthy Computational Societies, http://tcs.unica.it
- Software Engineering and Agile Methods Lab, http://www.agilegroup.eu/en/
- Blockchain Lab, http://blockchain.unica.it/

The students will have the possibility to work in a friendly and constructive environment and will be able to attend International conferences and schools to show their research products and for training.

Equal opportunities to all applicants will be provided.

Application procedure must be done online. Deadline for applications is August 27, 2020 at 12.00pm Italian time.

For details on the application check this link:


Administrative questions can be forwarded to: dottoratiemaster@unica.it
Other questions can be forwarded to: diego.reforgiato@unica.it

More info about the city.
Cagliari is the main city of the gorgeous Sardinia, autonomous region of Italy. Cagliari is an ancient city with a long history. It has a Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and very mild winters and wonderful beaches and ocean! Further details at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cagliari or google (just look for Sardinia in Google Images to get an idea of the place)