Dear all,
Due to current circumstances, the SEMANTiCS Onsite Conference 2020 had, unfortunately, to be postponed till September 2021. To bridge the gap until 2021, DBpedia, the Platform Linked Data Netherlands (PLDN) and EuroSDR will organize a SEMANTiCS satellite event online, on October 6, 2020. We set up an exciting themed program around ‘Knowledge Graphs in Action: DBpedia, Linked Geodata and Geo-information Integration’. This new event is a combination of two already existing ones: the DBpedia Community Meeting, which is regularly held as part of the SEMANTiCS, and the annual Spatial Linked Data conference organised by EuroSDR and PLDN. We fused both together and as a bonus, we added a track about Geo-information Integration hosted by EuroSDR. For the joint opening session, we recruited four amazing keynote speakers to kick the event off.

# Quick Facts
- Web URL:
- When: October 6, 2020
- Where: The conference will take place fully online.

# Highlights
- Hackathon (starts 2 weeks earlier)
- Keynote by Carsten Hoyer-Klick, German Aerospace Center
- Keynote by Marinos Kavouras, National Technical University of Athens (NTUA)
- Keynote by Peter Mooney, Maynooth University

- Spatial Linked Data Country Session
- DBpedia Chapter Session
- Self Service GIS Session
- DBpedia Member Showcase Session

# Registration
- Attending the conference is free. Registration is required though. Please register here to be part of the meeting:

# Program
- Please check the schedule for the upcoming Knowledge Graphs in Action event here:

# Organisation
- Benedicte Bucher, University Gustave Eiffel, IGN, EuroSDR
- Erwin Folmer, Kadaster, University of Twente, Platform Linked Data Netherlands
- Rob Lemmens, University of Twente
- Sebastian Hellmann, AKSW/KILT, DBpedia Association
- Julia Holze, InfAI, DBpedia Association
- Joep Crompvoets, KU Leuven
- Peter Mooney, Maynooth University

on behalf of the DBpedia Association