The ACM India Joint International Conference on
Data Sciences and Management of Data (CODS-COMAD)

8th ACM IKDD CODS and 26th COMAD
2-4 January 2021
Virtual Event 

COVID UPDATE: In response to the ongoing pandemic, we have decided to organize 
the conference in a fully virtual mode while retaining the same dates i.e. 
2nd-4th January, 2021. For more details, please check the conference website 
regularly for updates.

The ACM India Joint International Conference on Data Sciences and Management of 
Data (CODS-COMAD) 2021 solicit proposals for tutorials on relevant and important 
topics of data science and databases. Tutorials aim to give a comprehensive 
overview of an active and interesting topic including the problem, its 
tractability, and practical implications. Tutorials benefit the attendees by 
increasing their knowledge, skills, awareness and help them to acquire new ideas 
and skills applicable to their profession. Attendees at CODS-COMAD consists of 
students and also include researchers and practitioners from both industry and 

If you or someone in your network is working on an interesting and relevant topic 
and would be interested to present a tutorial at the conference, please check the 
tutorial page for more details:

To evaluate your proposal we are looking for the following information as part of 
your submission:

TITLE & ABSTRACT (up to 250 words): These will be used to publicize the tutorial.

DURATION OF TUTORIAL: The tutorial can be 1.5 hours or 3 hours. We encourage to 
include hands-on coding sessions during the tutorials, especially for the 3 hours 
long tutorials.

DESCRIPTION & OUTLINE: Provide a brief description of the planned materials in the 
tutorial and their depth along with a rough outline of the tutorial.

DETAILS OF THE PREVIOUS TUTORIAL (IF ANY): If the tutorial was presented earlier, 
provide the details, including web links if any.

GOALS: What are the objectives of the tutorial? What is the benefit to attendees? 
Why is this tutorial important to include at CODS-COMAD?

TARGET AUDIENCE: What is the target audience? What background should attendees have? 
It would be a plus if you can articulate the prerequisites for the audience, e.g. 
“Understand derivatives and integrals as found in introductory Calculus”, 
“Understand ‘classical’ supervised methods such as decision trees and Naive Bayes”

PROPOSERS: Please provide names, affiliations, email addresses, and short bios for 
each proposer of the tutorial. Bios should cover the proposer’s expertise related 
to the topic of the tutorial. If there are multiple proposers, give details about 
the distribution of the tutorial among them.

Which of the proposers will be available to present the tutorial in-person?: It is 
strongly encouraged that all proposers attend and present the tutorial. No change 
in tutorial presenters after the acceptance of tutorial is allowed. 

REFERENCES: A list of the most important references that will be covered.

All tutorial proposals are to be submitted using Easy Chair at:  

*There is no page limit on the submission format for the tutorial proposals.

Submission Date:           10th August, 2020
Notification Date:         1st October, 2020
Camera-ready:              24th October, 2020

*All deadlines above are firm and will not be moved 
[All times are 23:59 Anywhere-on-Earth] 

Kamal Karlapalem, IIIT Hyderabad 
Himanshu Bhatt, American Express