The ACM India Joint International Conference on Data Sciences and Management of Data (CODS-COMAD) 2021 solicit proposals for tutorials on relevant and important topics of data science and databases. Tutorials aim to give a comprehensive overview of an active and interesting topic including the problem, its tractability, and practical implications. Tutorials benefit the attendees by increasing their knowledge, skills, awareness and help them to acquire new ideas and skills applicable to their profession. Attendees at CODS-COMAD consists of students and also include researchers and practitioners from both industry and academia.

If you or someone in your network is working on an interesting and relevant topic and would be interested to present a tutorial at the conference, please check the tutorial page for more details:

For any additional information or questions, please reach out to:
Kamal Karlapalem, IIIT Hyderabad ( )
Himanshu Bhatt, American Express (