24th European Conference on Advances in Databases and Information Systems
24th International Conference on Theory and Practice of Digital Libraries
16th EDA days on Business Intelligence & Big Data
& Joint Workshops and Doctoral Consortium

August 25-27, 2020 *** online ***

* Keynotes

Elaine Toms (University of Sheffield, UK): 
    Integrating Digital Libraries within Work Task Systems
Amr El Abbadi (University of California, USA): 
    Blockchains and Databases: Opportunities and Challenges for the Permissioned and the Permissionless
Johann Gamper (Free University of Bolzen-Bolzano, Italy): 
    Processing Temporal and Time Series Data: Present State and Future Challenges
Ioana Manolescu (Inria Saclay-Île-de-France et Ecole Polytechnique, France): 
    Integrating (very) heterogeneous data sources: a structured and an unstructured perspective
Veronika Peralta (University of Tours, France):
    From source data to data narratives: accompanying users in the way to interactive data analysis

* Full programme