Several Ph.D. Stipends in Computer Science: Data Analytics and Machine Learning

At the Technical Faculty of IT and Design, Department of Computer Science, a number of Ph.D. stipends in Data Analytics and Machine Learning are available in Center for Data-Intensive Systems (Daisy) for start August 1, 2020 or soon thereafter. The stipends cover 36 months of salary.

The stipends relate to four topics:

Topic 1: machine learning and analytics for energy flexibility
Topic 2: time series analytics  
Topic 3: graph algorithms on uncertain and dynamic graphs
Topic 4: mobility analytics in road networks

Application deadline: June 30, 2020

Further information and application: Please see the following announcement for information on requirements and contact information: 

About Daisy: The database researchers at Daisy conduct research in data-intensive systems, spatio-temporal data management, (big) data analytics and mining, and (semantic) web data management. International evaluations place Daisy in the global top tier. An independent study of publication performance in the top database outlets in the 10-year period 2001-2010 ranks Daisy second among all research groups in Europe.

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