Postdoctoral Fellowship  (China): 2 Positions   

Working within the school of Computer and Data Engineering, the PhD fellow will undertake 
research in computer and data science area. 

The fellows need to produce high quality scientific and technical outputs including journal articles, 
patents and technical reports in terms of developing novel algorithmic solutions and coding/testing 
the proposed techniques. The fellows will be involved in the industry projects (e.g., eHealth) in the 

Location:  Ningbo City, Zhejiang, China 

Postdoc Position:   
           Salary: CN280,000 C CN35,000 (RMB) per annum. 

Tenure: 2--2.5 year term with possible extended research/teaching positions in the school.

To be successful you will have: 
1	A recent PhD degree in computer science;
2	Demonstrated publication records; 
3	Strong teaching and written communication skills in English; 

To Apply: Please send the application to: 
Prof. Chaoyi Pang (;) 
Prof Genlang Chen ( 
The School of Computer & Data Engineering, 
NIT, Zhejiang University, China