Dear all,

if you are interested in Cultural Heritage, linked data, ontologies, and knowledge graphs, you may not want to miss the next webinar "ArCo, the knowledge graph of Italian Cultural Heritage, new developments".

The subject of the seminar will be the new developments of ArCo, which include: ontologies for archeological and architectural cultural heritage, experiments on semantic virtual reality, a new web portal for exploring Italian CH based on ArCo, and a pilot episode of an upcoming web comics series, describing how to reuse ArCo ontologies.

The webinar will be held next Tuesday, June 23rd at 10am (CET) on the GoToMeeting Platform.
Registration is mandatory, a maximum of 130 participants can be accepted.

You are welcome to register at: (registrations will close on Monday June 22nd at 2pm)
Details on the webinar (program, speakers, material, etc.) at the registration page.

The Webinar is organised by:
Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities
Italian National Research Council
University of Bologna

Additional links:
ArCo web site:
ArCo GitHub repository: