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Special Issue on Multimedia Recommendation and Multi-model Data Analysis

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Special issue on multimedia recommendation and multi-modal data analysis

Xiangnan He, Zhenguang Liu, Hanwang Zhang, Chong-Wah Ngo, Svebor Karaman & Yongfeng Zhang

Special Issue Paper

Fashion clothes matching scheme based on Siamese Network and AutoEncoder

Guangyu Gao, Liling Liu, Li Wang & Yihang Zhang

Special Issue Paper

An app usage recommender system: improving prediction accuracy for both warm and cold start users

Di Han, Jianqing Li, Wenting Li, Ruibin Liu & Hai Chen

Special Issue Paper

Deep learning-based automatic downbeat tracking: a brief review

Bijue Jia, Jiancheng Lv & Dayiheng Liu

Special Issue Paper

Toward efficient indexing structure for scalable content-based music retrieval (OPEN ACCESS)

Jialie Shen, Mei Tao, Qiang Qu, Dacheng Tao & Yong Rui

Special Issue Paper

Panorama based on multi-channel-attention CNN for 3D model recognition

Weizhi Nie, Kun Wang, Qi Liang & Roubing He

Special Issue Paper

Multi-guiding long short-term memory for video captioning

Ning Xu, An-An Liu, Weizhi Nie & Yuting Su

Regular Paper

Crowdsourced subjective 3D video quality assessment

Emil Dumic, Kresimir Sakic & Luis A. da Silva Cruz

Regular Paper

Lifetime-aware solid-state disk (SSD) cache management for video servers

Jungwoo Lee, Hwangje Han, Sungjin Lee & Minseok Song

Regular Paper

Analyzing autostereoscopic environment configurations for the design of videogames

José Martínez Sotoca, Miguel Chover, Inmaculada Remolar & Ricardo Loreto

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