Dear Colleagues,

We are happy to welcome your original, unpublished research
contributions for the track "Greening by IT vs. Green IS" at


The 25th International Conference on Information Systems Development

                     August 24-26, 2016

                      Katowice, Poland


The ISD2016 Conference is hosted by the
University of Economics in Katowice. The main theme is
"Complexity in Information Systems Development".

*** Greening by IT vs. Green IS *** (Track T7-GRN)

High end systems are getting increasingly important for all Big Data
and computing purposes on user, application, and provider side.
Therefore, most application scenarios include both production and consumption.
With the steadily increasing complexity of information and computing
systems based on such infrastructures also energy issues are getting into the focus.
Since many years energy efficiency has become one of the major concerns
with computing - the more as it gets to high end information and computing
system resources. Over the lifetime of a system the energy consumption and
infrastructure requirements often totals the investive costs of high end systems.
The key is, on the one hand, to develop and implement appropriate efficient,
flexible, and robust techniques and methodologies for respective application scenarios.
On the other hand, Information Systems are becoming an increasingly important tool for
creating, implementing, and managing sustainable activities and behaviour.

=== Track topics include (but not limited to):

 * Prosumption,
 * Advanced IT energy-aware technologies,
 * E-cycling,
 * Electronic waste,
 * Green networking,
 * Energy-efficient High Performance Computing,
 * Green500,
 * Cooling techniques,
 * Virtualization,
 * Smart Grid,
 * Smart City,
 * Return on Investment on Green IT,
 * Computing energy efficiency,
 * IT for greening supply chains.

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=== Call for Papers:

Accepted papers will be published in the ISD Proceedings which will
appear in the Association for Information Systems (AIS) eLibrary.

In addition, a selection of the best papers (by invitation) will be
published by Springer as a separate volume of the
Lecture Notes in Information Systems and Organization series
(indexed by Scopus; subject to final approval).

=== Dates if Importance:

Paper Submission Deadline:  April 15, 2016

Camera Read Paper:          June 30, 2016

Conference:                 August 24-26, 2016

Please, also see the conference site!

Looking forward to your contributions!

Kind regards,
Dr. Claus-Peter Rueckemann
ISD Track Chair