IEEE Internet Computing
CFP: Special issue on Web-Scale Data Centers

Final submissions due: 1 November 2013
Publication issue: July/August 2014

Please email the guest editors a brief description of the article you
plan to submit by 15 October 2013 

Guest Editors: Fred Douglis and Pankaj Mehra (

Data centers are the "nerve centers" of the Internet. All large-scale
Internet services rely on the ability to process enormous amounts of
data blindingly quickly, with essentially no downtime. This requires
enormous scale, geographic distribution and redundancy, finely tuned
systems and networks, and many other features. As many IT consumers
virtualize their computing environments and share resources hosted by
large-scale cloud service providers, data centers take various roles,
supporting both single, large organizations (such as Google or
Facebook) and shared tenancy (such as Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud and
Simple Storage Service).

Web-scale data centers face numerous challenges, especially including
performance, reliability, and security. This special issue encourages
submissions from both academic and industrial practitioners,
especially as they pertain to open-source tools or products. Topics

- infrastructure support to provide responsive performance at Web scale
- workload characterization and performance analysis of Web-scale data
- open software for cloud computing
- Web-scale service orchestration and multi-tenancy
- service architecture issues
- software-defined networking, storage, and data centers
- stacks for handling petabytes and more
- evolution of data center designs
- environmental issues of Web-scale data centers (such as cooling and
  energy consumption)
- data center operations
- data center security
- novel applications of and support for big data technologies such as

Editors' note: We want to emphasize that contributions for this
special issue should have technical content.