We are very glad to announce three releases on fuzzy string matching.

 1. Flamingo Source-Code Package (version 3.0) on approximate string


  URLs of earlier DBWorld messages:
      Version 1.0: http://www.cs.wisc.edu/dbworld/messages/2007-04/1176855447.html
      Version 2.0: http://www.cs.wisc.edu/dbworld/messages/2008-10/1224008939.html

  Main changes in this version:

 * Added Compressed Indexers based on the Techniques from:
   "Space-Constrained Gram-Based Indexing for Efficient Approximate
   String Search", by Alexander Behm, Shengyue Ji, Chen Li, and
   Jiaheng Lu, in ICDE 2009

 * Added Module for Top-K Approximate String Search from: "Efficient
   top-k algorithms for fuzzy search in string collections", by Rares
   Vernica, Chen Li, in KEYS 2009: 9-14. (Workshop on Keyword Search
   on Structured Data, collocated with SIGMOD 2009)

 * Added Disk-Based Inverted Index, Disk-Based StringContainer and
   Efficient Search Algorithms using the Disk-Based Components from:
   "Answering Set-Similarity Selection Queries on Large Disk-Resident
   Data Sets", by Alexander Behm, Chen Li, Michael J. Carey, UCI
   Technical Report 2010

 * Added Some Auto-Tuning Features, e.g. Automatic Choice of
   Partitioning Filter

  Main contributors in this new release:
     Alexander Behm, Rares Vernica, Shengyue Ji, and Chen Li,

 2. Source code for Parallel Set-Similarity Joins Using MapReduce


   Its techniques are described in the SIGMOD 2010 paper titled:
   "Efficient Parallel Set-Similarity Joins Using MapReduce", by Rares
   Vernica, Michael J. Carey, Chen Li.

 3. Demos on Fuzzy Keyword Search on Spatial Data (Maps)


    Its techniques are described in the DASFAA 2010 demo paper titled
    "Fuzzy Keyword Search on Spatial Data", by Sattam Alsubaiee and
    Chen Li.

Chen Li
UC Irvine