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You can now read and post messages to DBWorld through the Web. Anyone can browse messages, but you must register to obtain a DBWorld posting password before you can post messages through the Web. Posted messages are sent immediately to the dbworld list without being moderated by the list owner (Raghu Ramakrishnan). (Posting messages that are not appropriate to this list can lead to loss of posting privileges, so please avoid posting irrelevant messages.) Once you register, you can also change your password.

If you can't post through the Web interface for any reason, contact Anson Doan anson.ddoan@gmail.com or AnHai Doan anhai@cs.wisc.edu.

RECEIVING MSGS BY EMAIL: To receive msgs by email, you must subscribe to the dbworld mailing list. (Note that registering to post msgs does NOT automatically subscribe you to the mailing list!) To subscribe, send mail to dbworld-request@cs.wisc.edu with one of the following lines in your message body:

               subscribe digest

depending on whether you want the message to be delivered in digest mode or in the normal mode*. You will be enrolled in the mailing list after replying the confirmation email.

To unsubscribe, the msg body should contain

Contact us (anson.ddoan@gmail.com and anhai@cs.wisc.edu) if you have problems. (Being on this list means you receive posted messages by email, but does not authorize you to post messages via this Web page.)

    * In nodigest mode, all the posts will be sent to you directly. In digest mode, the posts will be held for a while and then sent to you on a large message containing all the queued-up posts.