Using Minibase

Users of Minibase will need to set two environment variables:


In csh, this is done with:

     setenv MINIBASE_ROOT /usr/local/minibase
     setenv PLATFORM `$MINIBASE_ROOT/bin/sysname`

Where /usr/local/minibase is replaced by the path to the root directory where Minibase is installed locally. These lines should be added in one of your startup files, for example, .cshrc for csh users.

Users should also add $MINIBASE_ROOT/bin to their search path. This is usually done by modifying the 'path' variable. For csh users the line:

    set path = ( $path $MINIBASE_ROOT/bin )

will add the directory to the end of your search path.

Running Minibase

The text-based interface to Minibase can be invoked by using the command minibase, which has the following command-line options:

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