The Minibase Distribution

How Do I Get the Files?

See the installation guide.


Minibase is a database management system intended for educational use. It has a parser, optimizer, buffer pool manager, storage mechanisms (heap files, secondary indexes based on B+ Trees), and a disk space management system. The goal is not just to have a functional DBMS, but to have a DBMS where the individual components can be studied and implemented by students. Besides the DBMS, Minibase contains also a graphical user interface and four other graphical tools for studying some DBMS issues. The source code for Minibase and its libraries is only available to instructors. Compiled versions (without source code) for several architectures are available to anyone.


Microbase is a simplified version of Minibase. It includes the Minibase parser, optimizer, and disk space management system, while the other components have been replaced with simplified versions. The source code for Microbase and its libraries is available to anyone.

Minibase homework assignments:

These are sample homework assignments that could be used in an introductory database class. There are handouts and assignments with answer keys covering the buffer manager, heap files, B+ Trees, joins, optimization, and SQL. Most of these assignments require that the Minibase source code be installed. These assignments are only available to instructors.

Minibase documentation:

The Minibase HTML documenation explains the components of the Minibase DBMS system in detail, while only revealing the public portions of the API for each component. While this documentation stands alone, it does make references to Database Management Systems. The Minibase documentation is available to anyone.
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February 13, 1997