Bug Isolation Downloads

For recent Fedora distributions, the easy way to get started is to install the CBI package repository configuration RPM:

Now use your favorite package manager to install instrumented versions of Evolution, Nautilus, Rhythmbox, and other applications. Install as many or as few as you like, but remember: the more you install, the more bugs we can find!

We will try to add additional packages and platforms as time allows. Feel free to contact us with suggestions. However, please keep in mind certain selection criteria that affect what we can post in practice.

Alternate Install Methods

You may browse the entire package collection if you prefer to do things by hand. Here you also will find developer packages, SRPMS, and prebuilt RPMs for older distributions going all the way back to (and even slightly before) the earliest Fedora releases. All CBI packages are signed using the sampler package builder’s GPG key. Download the public key and import it into RPM if you wish to verify package signatures before installing them.

If you do not use RPMs at all, then look in the source tarball archive for source code to the entire CBI instrumenting compiler and feedback system.

Special Instructions for Developers

If you intend to instrument your own code, or simply want to rebuild our packages from their own SRPMS, there are a few things you need to know.