Theory Reading Group

Spring 2008 Schedule

Date Information
March 27 2008
Paper: Uniform Direct Product Theorems: Simplified, Optimized and Derandomized by Russell Impagliazzo, Ragesh Jaiswal, Valentine Kabanets and Avi Wigderson;
See Also: Uniform Hardness Amplification in NP via Monotone Codes by Joshua Buresh-Oppenheim, Valentine Kabanets and Rahul Santhanam
Presenter: Jeff Kinne
3:00pm, 4310 CS.
March 13 2008
Paper: Deterministic Hardness Amplification via Local GMD Decoding by Parikshit Gopalan and Venkatesan Guruswami
Presenter: Dalibor Zelený
3:00pm, 4310 CS.
Thursday, February 21 2008 Paper: Algebrization: A New Barrier in Complexity Theory by Scott Aaronson and Avi Wigderson
Presenter: Seeun William Umboh
3:00pm, 4310 CS.
Thursday, February 7 2008 Paper: Universal Semantic Communication I by Brendan Juba and Madhu Sudan
Presenter: Tom Watson
3:00pm, 4310 CS.