Theory Reading Group

Spring 2005 Schedule

Date Information
April 21, 2005
Topic: A Quantum Reduction of the Shortest Vector Problem
Peruse: Quantum Computation and Lattice Problems by Oded Regev
Presented by: Bess Berg
3:30-5:00, 3331 CS
April 14, 2005
Topic: Amplifying hardness within NP
Peruse: Using Nondeterminism to Amplify Hardness, Hardness amplification within NP
Presented by: Jeff Kinne
3:30-5:00, 3331 CS
April 7, 2005
Faculty candidate talk - no meeting.
March 31, 2005
Topic: solving Multivariate Quadratic Systems.
Handout: postscript, pdf
Presented by: Giordano Fusco
3:30-5:00, 3331 CS
March 24, 2005
Spring break - no meeting.
March 15, 2005
Topic: Time-Space Lower Bounds.
Peruse: Time-Space Lower Bounds for NP-Complete Problems by Dieter van Melkebeek.
Presented by Scott Diehl.
3:30-5:00, 7331 CS
March 10, 2005
Topic: Statistical Zero-Knowledge.
Read 2.1, 3.1, 3.2 from Zero-Knowledge twenty years after its invention by Oded Goldreich.
Presented by Eric Skaug.
3:30-5:00, 3331 CS
March 3, 2005
Paper: Higher-order Carmichael numbers by Everett W. Howe.
Presented by Andrew Shallue.
3:30-5:00, 3331 CS