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Artificial Intelligence Reading Group

Welcome to the Artificial Intelligence Reading Group homepage. We are a group of graduate students that meet approximately weekly to discuss papers relevant to our research in Artificial Intelligence and Bioinformatics.

Papers discussed can range from the most recent conference proceedings to AI classics to key papers on the AI qualifying exam list. The goal of the reading group is to give members a chance to see what other researchers in the department's AI area are thinking about and working on.

Anyone interested in participating in the reading group should subscribe to the airg mailing list. Note that if you are subscribing from a non-UW e-mail address you will also need to send a separate e-mail to the current AIRG organizer in order for your subscription to be approved. Instructions for subscribing:

Meetings in Fall 2011

Meetings will be at 4:00pm on Wednesdays in the Computer Sciences building (room 3310). This is the current schedule of presentations:

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Previous Semesters

Papers discussed in previous semesters can be found in the archive. See also the schedule for an 838 section from 2004 that covered statistical relational learning.

The AIRG web site is currently maintained by Jeremy Weiss (jcweiss@cs...).