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Artificial Intelligence Research and Education

This is the home page for the AI Group at the University of Wisconsin - Madison Computer Sciences Department.

We are studying computer vision, machine learning, and biomedical informatics. Themes in computer vision include active approaches for medical image analysis, face recognition, and image-based modeling and rendering. Machine learning research focuses on both logical and statistical approaches. Current themes include design and analysis of novel algorithms for knowledge transfer in reinforcement learning, active learning for sequence models, combining logical and probabilistic representations of knowledge and multiple-instance learning. These algorithms are being applied to problems in bioinformatics, information retrieval and extraction, and the design of adaptive agents.

The most current information about ongoing research projects can be found on the web pages of individual faculty members, listed below. A broader overview of machine learning research at UW-Madison is available here.

Research Groups

Faculty Member
Group Page
Computer Vision
Chuck Dyer
Vikas Singh    
Mohit Gupta    
Machine Learning, Data Mining, and Biomedical Informatics
Mark Craven    
Colin Dewey    
Anthony Gitter    
Yingyu Liang    
Olvi Mangasarian Optimization Group Optimization publications
David Page    
Sushmita Roy    
Jude Shavlik Machine Learning Research Group MLRG publications
Grace Wahba   Wahba publications
Jerry Zhu    

AI Courses

The following AI courses are regularly offered:

AI Events

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