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The Approximate-Replay Trace Compiler

A source tarball is available here: artc-0.9b.tar.gz.

You can also clone the ARTC git repository:

git clone http://research.cs.wisc.edu/wind/Software/artc/artc.git


The infrastructure to build the Magritte benchmark suite is included in the ARTC source tree. The magritte/ directory contains a script to download and unpack a slightly patched version of the iBench traces that corrects a small trace bug. Using the original iBench traces is not recommended (mostly due to the aforementioned bug; also the filenames in the patched version downloaded by the provided script are altered to play nicely with ARTC's makefile). See magritte/README in the source tree for more information.


See also the SOSP'13 paper for which ARTC was developed, ROOT: Replaying Multithreaded Traces with Resource-Oriented Ordering.


Questions, bug reports and such concerning ARTC and Magritte should be sent to Zev Weiss.