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The ADvanced Systems Laboratory (ADSL)

Fall 2019

The students congratulated Andrea and Remzi for winning the SigOPS Mark Weiser Award with a surprise cake during our weekly group meeting.

OSDI 2018

SOSP 2017

FAST 2016

Summer 2013

Posing in the lobby of the Computer Sciences building. Backrow: Vijay, Lanyue, Zev, Remzi, Andrea, Leo; Frontrow: Thanh, Thanu, Yiying, Yupu

Summer 2009

Nitin and Haryadi are now PhDs! Nitin and Haryadi and suitably attired for the PhD ceremony, though Andrea and Remzi are not!

Summer 2007

Andrea has the honor of walking with Todd and Ina to celebrate finishing their PhDs.

Summer 2005

Remzi with our first PhD student, Muthian.

December 2000

Brian and John at the Piano, Ina on the Violin, and Sambavi belting out a tune.