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The ADvanced Systems Laboratory (ADSL)

\subsubsection{Improved Containerization} Our last performance-oriented sub-area of research focuses on new container technologies arising in the cloud, and the resulting new models of execution that are possible.
  • Slacker: Fast Distribution with Lazy Docker Containers (FAST '16). Slacker shows how to integrate snapshot-based file storage into a Docker code repository, thus streamlining application launch in containerized environments by 20x. Slacker is now part of the Tintri product line.
  • Serverless Computation with OpenLambda (HotCloud '16). We introduce OpenLambda, one of the first open-source lambda execution environments available, and present its key facets. OpenLambda is being investigated for adoption by numerous companies.
  • SOCK: Rapid Task Provisioning with Serverless-Optimized Containers (USENIX '18). We evolve OpenLambda with a new serverless-optimized container infrastructure, showing that with carefully constructed support, application launch can be reduced from seconds down to milliseconds.