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Computer Sciences Dept.

SEQ Project

The SEQ project addressed the following fundamental question:  How should we extend relational database systems to support queries over ordered collections of records, rather than sets or multisets of records?  This work led to the SEQ system at Wisconsin, and later to the Predator system at Cornell (which also built upon the Shore storage manager), and focused attention on how to model order in a relational system.  The language proposal that resulted, SRQL, extended SQL to support "window" queries over tables ordered by sorting, and is essentially the WINDOW function now included in the SQL:1999 standard. This work anticipated much of the subsequent research on stream databases, which deal fundamentally with ordered data and window queries, but additionally address issues such as arrival and processing rates and continuous queries.


Kevin Beyer(Computer Sciences, UW-Madison)
Donko Donjerkovic
(Computer Sciences, UW-Madison)
Muralidhar Krishnaprasad (
Computer Sciences, UW-Madison)
Miron Livny (Computer Sciences, UW-Madison)
Raghu Ramakrishnan (Computer Sciences, UW-Madison)

Arvind Ranganathan
Praveen Seshadri (Cornell University)


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