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The WiNGS laboratory hosts an outdoor, vehicular, wireless testbed with support for various wide-area experimentation efforts, called MadBed.

Currently, MadBed consists of two wireless nodes mounted on specific city-buses operated by the Madison Metro Transit System.

Testbed Pictures

TCP Download Rate in Madison, WI on a Cellular 3G EVDO Network
Google Earth Interface interactive kmz mp4
Google Maps Interface
Google Maps Interface interactive live demo
Data Flow in Infrastructure
Infrastructure Data Flow



Suman Banerjee


Justin Ormont

Jordan Walker

How to access

The testbed nodes are remotely accessible and programmable. Each node consists of a Intel Core-2 Duo 2.0 GHz laptop, with WiFi interfaces, a 3G EVDO rev. A interface, and a vehicular mobile router for providing Internet access to the bus passengers. We also have a remote bus tracking interface that allows us to locate the position of the buses in real-time.

Access to this testbed is currently limited to UW-Madison faculty and students. Please email Prof. Suman Banerjee for access and account information.


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- A Measurement Study of a Commercial-grade Urban WiFi Mesh. Vladimir Brik, Shravan Rayanchu, Sayandeep Sen, Vivek Shrivastava, Suman Banerjee. Internet Measurement Conference, Greece, October 2008. pdf


- Continuous Monitoring of Wide-Area Wireless Networks: Data Collection and Visualization. Justin Ormont, Jordan Walker, Suman Banerjee. MobiCom Conference & WinTECH Workshop (co-located with ACM MobiCom), Burlingame, CA, September 2008. mp4 google earth demo google maps demo

- Client-Assisted Monitoring of Large Scale Wireless Networks. Justin Ormont, Jordan Walker, Suman Banerjee. Sigmetrics Conference, Annapolis, MD, June 2008.

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