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Getting Started

How Do I Activate My CS Or Statistics Department Instructional Computer Account?

If you do not currently have a Computer Systems Lab computer account, and are currently enrolled in a Computer Science class this semester, follow the instructions below. If you are a new graduate student, please refer to the Graduate Student Account Policy Page, email lab@cs.wisc.edu or stop by room 2350 during regular business hours.

On Linux systems:

login to a CSL Instructional Linux workstation as newuser, with password NewUser09. Note: New Linux Users and novice Linux users new to CSL Linux facilities are strongly encuraged to attend a Linux Orienation session.

  • e.g. mumble lab (rm: 1350), king lab (1351)

On Windows XP:

select the newuser button on the login screen.

Note: There is currently no way to activate your account on Windows 7 or Mac. If you do not have access to a department Windows XP machine you will need to activate your account via one of the Linux labs

See Also:

I Changed My "dot" Files And Something's Broken. How Can I Fix It?

If you use Linux, press F1 instead of Return after your password on the log-in screen. In the bare-bones environment that comes up, run the newdots command. Log out by typing exit and log in normally. This will reset your configuration files to a known good state.

How Do I Get Backspace To Work Right On The Linux Workstations?

The linux workstations have a different default key mapping than the other unix workstations. You need to update your dot files to get the correct mapping. The easiest way to do this is by running the newdots command. This will update your dot files to have the correct key mappings. However, be aware that this command will update all your dot files to the current defaults, and may change the layout of your unix desktop.

If you don't want to change all your dot files, you can add the following lines to the bottom of the file .Xkeymap in your home directory:

    #if defined(PC) keycode 22 = BackSpace #endif

How Can I Get Help?

If you can't find the answer to your question in the docs or the online man pages send mail to lab@cs.wisc.edu. Please include the following information in your messages:

  • Your login name, if you are sending email from a different account
  • The name of the workstation on which you are having difficulty
  • Whan you encountered the problem
  • What program you are trying to use
  • The exact command-line you use to run the program
  • If your program includes input files of any kind, what files and what directory they are in
  • The exact error messages or output
  • If you changed anything in your environment between the time the program last worked and the time you noticed the problem, please tell us exactly what you changed.
  • As much additional information as you can provide.

When you reply to a message that's in the request tracking system, please make sure to Cc to lab@cs.wisc.edu so that all followup information is in the request database.

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