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Pattern Recognition Via Linear Programming: Theory and Application to Medical Diagnosis

Olvi L Mangasarian, Rudy Setiono and William H Wolberg

A decision problem associated with a fundamental nonconvex model for linearly inseparable pattern sets is shown to be NP-complete. Another nonconvex model that employs an -norm instead of the 2-norm, can be solved in polynomial time by solving 2n linear programs, where n is the (usually small) dimensionality of the pattern space. An effective LP-based finite algorithm is proposed for solving the latter model. The algorithm is employed to obtain a nonconvex piecewise-linear function for separating points representing measurements made on fine needle aspirates taken from benign and malignant human breasts. A computer program trained on 369 samples has correctly diagnosed each of 45 new samples encountered and is currently in use at the University of Wisconsin Hospitals.

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