Computer Sciences Dept.

The SAC-1 Modular Arithmetic System

G.E. Collins, L.E. Heindel, E. Horowitz, M.T. McClellan, D.R. Musser

This is a reprinting of the original report of June 1969, with correction of a few minor errors. The SAC-1 Modular Arithmetic System is the fifth of the ten SAC-I subsystems which are now available. It provides subprograms for the arithmetic operations in a prime finite field GF(p), for any single-precision prime p , and various operations on polynomials in several variables with coefficients in GF(p). Besides the arithmetic operations on such polynomials there are included subprograms for the Chinese remainder theorem, evaluation and interpolation. For univariate polynomials, subprograms are included for greatest common divisor calculation and Berlekamp's factorization algorithm.

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