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Internet Multi-Resolution Analysis: A Vision and Framework in Support of Representing, Analyzing and Visualizing Internet Measurements

Paul Barford, Craig Partridge, Walter Williinger

Empirical analysis has been the foundation for a great deal of network research and has resulted in significant improvements to Internet systems, protocols and practices. Recent progress applying a constantly expanding set of increasingly more sophisticated statistical tools suggests the emergence of a new type of empirical network research that could benefit from a more principled approach for representing, analyzing, and visualizing a wide variety of Internet-related measurements. To this end, we propose and introduce in this position paper the concept of an Internet-centric multi-resolution analysis (MRA). Internet MRA is a structured approach to Internet data representation and establishes a framework for systematically applying statistical analysis, signal processing or machine learning techniques to provide critical insights into a number of challenging network research problems. Ultimately, the success of Internet MRA will be gauged by its ability to solve important problems in network research and operations and in the new lines of inquiry that it enables.

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