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    Operating Systems

  • Sankaralingam Panneerselvam and Michael M. Swift. Dynamic Processors Demand Dynamic Operating Systems, in Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Hot Topics in Parallelism, Berkeley, CA, June 2010.
  • Adwait N. Tumbde and Michael M. Swift . A New Model for Managing Configuration Data. Univ. of Wisconsin Computer Sciences Technical Report CS-TR-2007-1619, Oct. 2007.

  • Computer Security

  • Shakeel Butt, Vinod Ganapathy, Michael Swift, Chih-Cheng Chang. Protecting Commodity OS Kernels from Vulnerable Device Drivers. In Proceedings of Annual Computer Security Applications Conference (ACSAC), December 2009

  • Storage

  • Mohit Saxena and Michael M. Swift. Revisiting Database Storage Optimizations on Flash, Univ. of Wisconsin Computer Sciences Technical Report CS-TR-2010-1671, Mar., 2010

  • Presentations and Posters

      Device Drivers

    • Tolerating Hardware Device Failures in Software talk at SOSP, 2009. Slides, Poster
    • Software Support for Improved Driver Reliability talk at UMass, UT-Austin, 2009-2010. (pdf)
    • Decaf: Moving Device Drivers to a Modern Language talk at USENIX, June 2009. (pdf)
    • The Design and Implementation of Microdrivers talk at ASPLOS, March 2008. (pdf)
    • Transactional Memory

    • Transactional Memory for Existing Programs talk at TMW 1, 2010. (pdf)
    • xCalls: Safe I/O in Memory Transactions talk at EuroSys 2009: ppt
    • Condition Variables and Transactional Memory: Problem or Opportunity? talk at TRANSACT 2009. ppt
    • OS Support for Virtualizing Transactional Memory talk at TRANSACT 2008. (pdf)
    • Pathological Interaction of Locks with Transactional Memory talk at TRANSACT 2008. ppt
    • Memory Technology

    • Mnemosyne: Lightweight Persistent Memory talk at ASPLOS, 2011. (pdf)