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An Overview of Shoregifgif

The Shore Project Group
Computer Sciences Department
Madison, WI
Version 1.0
Copyright (c) 1994, 1995, 1996
Computer Sciences Department, University of Wisconsin--Madison.
All Rights Reserved.

Fri Aug 2 13:38:57 CDT 1996


Shore (Scalable Heterogeneous Object REpository) is a persistent object system under development at the University of Wisconsin. Shore represents a merger of object-oriented database and file system technologies. In this document we give the goals and motivation for Shore, and describe how Shore provides features of both technologies. We also describe some novel aspects of the Shore architecture, including its symmetric peer-to-peer server architecture and its support for server customization through an extensible value-added server facility. As will be described, an initial version of Shore has been operational at the University of Wisconsin for some time, the Shore release.html is now ready for use by the general public. This document is intended as a first introduction to the system for people interested in trying to use it in their work.

Marvin Solomon
Fri Aug 2 13:38:53 CDT 1996