Shore Programmer's Manual - 2 August 96


errors \- Error codes returned by the Shore Thread Package


#include <<st_error.h>>


Errors in the Sthread package are indicated by an unsigned integer wrapped in a mechanism that includes stack traces and other debugging aids. The mechanism is the class w_rc_t which is the return-type for most Sthread methods.

The error codes return from Sthread methods are:

stTIMEOUT            - Timed out waiting for resource
stSEMBUSY            - Semaphore busy
stSEMPOSTED          - Semaphore already posted
stSEMALREADYRESET    - Semaphore was already reset
stNOTHREAD           - No active thread
stBADFD              - Bad file descriptor for I/O operation, seek, or close
stBADIOVCNT          - Bad count for io vector (too high)
stTOOMANYOPEN        - Too many open files 
stBADADDR            - Bad offset in shared memory segment
stBADFILEHDL         - Attempt to wait on file handle that is down


This manual page applies to Version 1.0 of theShore software.


The Shore project is sponsored by the Advanced Research Project Agency, ARPA order number 018 (formerly 8230), monitored by the U.S. Army Research Laboratory under contract DAAB07-92-C-Q508.


Copyright (c) 1994, 1995, 1996 Computer Sciences Department, University of Wisconsin -- Madison. All Rights Reserved.


error(fc) rc(fc)