Shore Programmer's Manual - 2 August 96


errors \- Error codes returned by the Shore Storage Manager (SSM)


#include <<sm_vas.h>> class ss_m derived from class smlevel_0


Errors in the SSM are indicated by an unsigned integer wrapped in a mechanism that includes stack traces and other debugging aids. The mechanism is the class w_rc_t which is the return-type for most SSM methods.

The error codes return from SSM methods are:

eASSERT             - Assertion failed
eUSERABORT          - User initiated abort
eCRASH              - Server told to crash or shutdown immediately
eSCOMM              - Error from shore communication facility
eNAMESERVER         - Error from shore name-server facility
eOUTOFSPACE         - out of disk space
eALIGNSIZE          - size is not aligned
eBADSTID            - invalid store id
e1PAGESTORELIMIT    - 1-page store needs to grown beyond 1 page
eBADPID             - invalid page id
eBADVOL             - invalid volume id
eVOLTOOLARGE        - volume is too large for device
eBADDEVNAME         - invalid device name
eDEVICEVOLFULL      - device cannot hold anymore volumes
eDEVNOTMOUNTED      - device is not mounted
eALREADYMOUNTED     - device already mounted
eVOLEXISTS          - volume already exists
eBADFORMAT          - volume has bad format
eNVOL               - too many volumes
eEOF                - end of scan/record reached
eDUPLICATE          - duplicate entries found
eBADSTORETYPE       - bad store type
eBADNDXTYPE         - bad index type
eBADSCAN            - bad scan
eWRONGKEYTYPE       - key type unsupported for current index
eBADSTRING          - bad string type
eNDXNOTEMPTY        - index is not empty
eNOTSORTED          - sort order expected
eBADKEYTYPESTR      - bad key type descriptor
eBADFLAG            - bad flag param
eBADCMPOP           - bad compare operators
eOUTOFLOGSPACE      - out of log space
ePAGENOTCACHED      - page is not cached
eRECWONTFIT         - record will not fit
eBADSLOTNUMBER      - record ID slot number is bad
eRECUPDATESIZE      - record update request is too large
eBADSTART           - start parameter larger than record size
eBADAPPEND          - append size too large for the record
eBADLENGTH          - bad length parameter
eBADSAVEPOINT       - bad save point 
eTOOMANYLOADONCEFILES - too many load-once files
ePAGECHANGED        - page has changed
eTRANSFIXED         - transaction is fixed by other thread(s)
eTOOMANYTRANS       - too many active transactions
eTWOTRANS           - second transaction in one thread
eNOTRANS            - no active transaction
eTWOQUARK           - second quark in a single transaction is not allowed
eNOQUARK            - no quark is open
eNOABORT            - logging is turned off -- cannot roll back
eBADLOCKMODE        - invalid lock mode
eLOCKTIMEOUT        - lock timeout
eMAYBLOCK           - lock req will block locally or may block remotely
eDEADLOCK           - deadlock detected
eNOTLOCKED          - lock not granted
eNOCOPIES           - no copies in the copy table
eCOPYNOTEXISTS      - copy does not exist
eCOPYEXISTS         - copy exists already
eCOPYRACE           - race condition detected in registering copy
eBADCBREPLY         - invalid reply to callback request
eCBEXISTS           - duplicate callback proxy
eSERVERNOTCONNECTED - not connected to server
eBADMSGTYPE         - unknown or unsupported message type
eNOFREESERVER       - no free slot in the server table
eVOLIDALREADY       - logical volume ID already set on volume
eBADLOGICALID       - logical ID does not exist 
eBADLOGICALIDTYPE   - logical ID has different reference type
eLOGICALIDOVERFLOW  - logical ID counter overflow
eTRANSITTIMEOUT     - had to wait for pending remote read


This manual page applies to Version 1.0 of theShore software.


The Shore project is sponsored by the Advanced Research Project Agency, ARPA order number 018 (formerly 8230), monitored by the U.S. Army Research Laboratory under contract DAAB07-92-C-Q508.


Copyright (c) 1994, 1995, 1996 Computer Sciences Department, University of Wisconsin -- Madison. All Rights Reserved.


error(fc) rc(fc) errors(sthread)