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The conference series ICISS (International Conference on Information Systems Security), held annually, provides a forum for disseminating the latest research results in information and systems security.

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Conference Proceedings are now online at

Keynote speakers

This year, the conference featured the following speakers for the keynote lectures:

  • Jon Giffin, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA. Topic: Attribution of Malicious Behavior
  • Andrew Myers, Cornell University, USA. Topic: Toward Securely Programming the Internet
  • Sriram Rajamani, Microsoft Research India. Topic: Analyzing Explicit Information Flow
  • Venkat Venkatakrishnan, University of Illinois Chicago, USA. Topic: WebAppArmor: A Framework for Robust Prevention of Attacks on Web Applications


  • Secure Multiparty Computation and Applications.
    Amitabh Saxena, Hewlett Packard Labs (India)
  • Verification of Multithreaded Shared-memory Programs.
    Speaker: Alexander Malkis, IMDEA
  • Semantics-Based Techniques for Security Analysis and Verification.
    Speaker: Agostino Cortesi, Ca Foscari University
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