Condor Tutorial for Administrators


June 28th 1999

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Table of Contents

Condor Tutorial for Administrators INFN-Bologna, 6/28/99

Conventions Used In This Presentation

What is Condor?

What’s Condor Good For?

What’s Condor Good For? (continued)

What is a Condor Pool?

The Condor Daemons


condor_master (cont’d)





condor_shadow (cont’d)



Layout of a Personal Condor Pool

Layout of a General Condor Pool

What happens when you submit a job to Condor?

What happens when you submit a job to Condor? (part 2)

Condor System Structure

Considerations for Installing a Condor Pool

What machine should be your central manager?

Does your pool have a shared file system?

Where should you install your binaries and configuration files?

Where should you put the local directories for each machine?

Will you start the daemons as root or some other user?

Basic Installation Procedure

The Different Versions of Condor

Condor Versions (cont’d)

Downloading Condor

Install the Release Directory

Setup the Central Manager

Setup any other machines you wish to add to the pool

Spawn the Condor daemons

Introduction to Condor’s Configuration Files

Global Config File

Other shared files

Local config file

Root config file (optional)

Basic syntax

Macros vs. Expressions

Any questions?

Hands-On Exercise #1 Installing a “Personal” Condor Pool

Hands-On Exercise #1

Lunch break

Welcome Back

Host/IP Security in Condor

Setting up Host/IP-address Security in Condor (part 1)

Setting up Host/IP-address Security in Condor (part 2)

Setting up Host/IP-address Security in Condor (part 3)

Example Host/IP Security Settings

Hands-On Exercise #2 Configuring Host/IP Security

Hands-On Exercise #2

Administering a Real Pool

Having a shared release directory is key

Viewing things with condor_status

Viewing things with condor_q

Hands-On Exercise #3 Setting up a Pool with a Shared Release Directory

Hands-On Exercise #3

Advanced Installation Options

Spawning the Condor Daemons automatically at reboot

Why Perform a “Full Installation” of condor_compile?

How to Perform a Full Installation of condor_compile:

Advertising Your Own Attributes in the Machine ClassAd

Hands-On Exercise #4 Defining Your Own Attributes in the Startd Classad

Hands-On Exercise #4

10 Minute Break

Configuring the Startd Policy

Basic Progression a Job Can Pass Through When an Owner Returns

Introduction to the Policy Expressions

Machine States

Machine Activities

The Policy Expressions

Road Map of the Policy Expressions

The START expression

Example Start Expressions

The RANK Expressions

Using Machine RANK Expressions

Example Rank Expression

Example Rank Expression Explained





Every Possible Transition

Final Notes on Startd Policy

Hands-On Exercise #5 Customizing the Startd Policy Expressions

Hands-On Exercise #5

When something goes wrong...

Looking at condor_q -analyze

Looking at the UserLog

Looking at the ShadowLog

Analyzing the ShadowLog

Looking at the Other Daemon’s Log Files

Analyzing the Logs

Hands-On Exercise #6 Examining the Logs

Hands-On Exercise #6

Obtaining Condor

Author: Derek Wright


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