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Stork Version Release History

Note that as of version 6.7.6, Stork is now bundled with Condor and available from the Condor download page.

release date supported platforms release notes
6.7.6 2005-03-18 x86 Linux Glibc-2.3 dynamic (Redhat9, Redhat EL3, Redhat EL4, Fedora ) release notes
0.9.1 2004-10-20 x86 Linux Glibc-2.3 dynamic (Redhat9, Redhat EL3, Redhat EL4 ) release notes
0.9.0 2004-07-01 x86 Linux Glibc-2.2 dynamic (Redhat7.x, Redhat9) release notes

Stork Contributed Modules

As of version 6.7.6, Stork modules are divided into core modules, and contributed modules. Core modules are fully tested and released with Stork.


New module binaries are released as needed. Modules are not necessarily released with each Condor release. Use the newest module release that is is not newer than your Condor release.
release date supported platforms release notes
6.7.6 2005-03-18 x86 Linux Glibc-2.3 dynamic (Redhat9, Redhat EL3, Redhat EL4, Fedora ) release notes

Archive of all previous and current Stork downloads.

Modules for Running From Privileged Stork

When Stork is run in privileged (root) mode, modules are invoked without LD_LIBRARY_PATH and other key environments. This is a Glibc security feature, that prevents programs executed from the module from binding with requried shared libraries at run time. Modules that execute the globus-url-copy binary will fail in this situation if the binary is dynamically linked. See the Module Dependencies table below for contributed modules that execute globus-url-copy. There are several solutions to this problem: The above solutions are tailored to the globus-url-copy module family, but can be extended to other modules with dependencies upon the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment.

Module Dependencies

Some modules require external binaries. The Stork server will search the PATH environment for required external binaries. When configuring Stork for use with these modules, ensure that the PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH environments are correctly configured for stork_server to find and execute the required modules. For all modules, the local file system refers to the stork_server host, not necessarily to the Stork command line tools host.
data transfer module source protocol destination protocol external dependencies
stork.transfer.csrm-csrm Castor SRM Castor SRM srmCopy
stork.transfer.csrm-file Castor SRM local file system srmCopy
stork.transfer.file-csrm local file system Castor SRM srmCopy
stork.transfer.file-ftp local file system ftp globus-url-copy
stork.transfer.file-gsiftp local file system GridFTP globus-url-copy
stork.transfer.file-http local file system http globus-url-copy
stork.transfer.file-srb local file system srb none
stork.transfer.file-srm local file system dCache SRM srmcp
stork.transfer.file-unitree local file system NCSA UniTree msscmd
stork.transfer.ftp-file ftp local file system globus-url-copy
stork.transfer.gsiftp-file GridFTP local file system globus-url-copy
stork.transfer.gsiftp-gsiftp GridFTP GridFTP globus-url-copy
stork.transfer.http-file http local file system globus-url-copy
stork.transfer.srb-file srb local file system none
stork.transfer.srm-file dCache SRM local file system srmcp
stork.transfer.srm-srm dCache SRM dCache SRM srmcp
stork.transfer.unitree-file NCSA UniTree local file system msscmd