Using Stork with Condor DAGMan

Condor DAGMan supports data placement jobs using Stork, as well as traditional CPU "number crunching" jobs. Further, CPU jobs can be run on a local Condor pool, or on remote Grid sites using Condor-G.

Thus, you can specify a DAG to:

The Condor Project presented a hands on tutorial for using Stork, Condor-G and DAGMan together at The 2nd International Summer School on Grid Computing 2004, July 2004. Important Note: The interface for specifying the Stork server to DAGMan has changed since this tutorial was assembled. The Stork server is now set via the STORK_SERVER macro in the Condor configuration file in all current releases of Condor. For example, your Condor configuration file now contains the entry:

STORK_SERVER = storkhost.domain
In the above tutorial, as well as Condor versions 6.5.5, 6.6.0 through 6.6.5 inclusive, and 6.7.0 through 6.7.2 inclusive; the -Storkserver was specified on the condor_submit_dag command line. For example:

condor_submit_dag ... -Storkserver storkhost.domain -storklog /path/to/Stork.user_log ...   # OBSOLETE INTERFACE!
The -storklog command line option to condor_submit_dag has always been required. Also, in the current architecture, the Stork server must be run at the user level (not root) to be compatible with DAGMan. This may change in a future release.