Spring 2004

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Wed, 05 May 2004

Requirements for P3

On or before 5pm, Monday May 10th, 2004: you should place into your handin directory (which is in /p/course/cs777-gleicher/public/html/P3):

  • A web page describing your project (that links to everything below). Please put each of the discussions as a seperate web page. Acrobat files are fine for everything except for the top-level page.
  • A zip file of the binaries of anything you built
  • A zip file of the source code of anything you built
  • Pictures of what you've done
  • Summaries of the papers that you've read, including a discussion of how the papers relate.
  • A discussion of what you actually got accomplished, and how hard it was to do. What would you have done differently? What would you do with an extra 3 weeks? What did you learn?
  • A discussion of how to make a CS777 project on the topic. Basically, suppose that I was going to assign a project on your topic next year. What should I assign? (be as specific as you can - pretend you were making the web page assigning the project. this is good practice for you if you think you might be a professor someday)

For Tuesday's presentation (1:30pm in 2310) you should:

  • Give an overview of the problem
  • Give a summary of the papers that you've read
  • Describe your project (what you've implemented)
  • Show stuff off

You should put all presentation materials (movies (encode with DiVX or Microsoft MPEG-4), power point, binaries, ...) into your web directory. Both to download them to my laptop as well as to leave them there for others to look at. They need to be there at 1pm on Tuesday.

You can bring your own laptop to give a presentation/demo. You may also use the computer in the 2310 podium, however, it is your responsibility to make sure things work. (beware - its a pretty slow computer, unless they've upgraded it recently). Or you can use my laptop.

I will be available in my office at 1pm so that you can copy things on to my laptop. You need to arrange to get the files on my laptop before the presentations.


Sun, 02 May 2004

Final Project Demos and Class Schedule

By popular demand, we will be postponing final project demos until next week. This gives you an extra week to work on stuff, so the results had better be good!

This week's class meetings:
Monday (may 3) - meet in 2310 for a brief "status review" of projects
Wednesday (may 5) - meet in 3331 for a "summary" class. we'll do evaluations.
Friday (may 7) - no class - go to the picnic

The projects are still due on Monday, May 10th.
Project presentations will be on Tuesday, May 11th at 1:15 in 2310. Details forthcoming.

Mon, 26 Apr 2004

The last weeks of 777

As I mentioned in class, the last weeks of 777 will be focused on projects, or at least on not giving you lots of other things to do so you can focus on your projects. There are no more required class readings.

Monday - April 26th - project status updates (in 2310)
Wednesday - April 28th - crowd simulation - Mankyu Sung's prelim practice talk
Friday - April 30th - discussion of some topic.

The last week of class will be a mixture of presentations and discussions of the topics that people did projects about.

Mon, 19 Apr 2004

All remaining Mondays in 2310

For all remaining weeks, we'll meet in 2310 on Mondays

4/19 - we'll discuss film
4/26 - we'll have a discussion of people's projects
5/3 - we'll have a "wrap up" discussion

Fri, 09 Apr 2004

Project 3 Proposals

Project 3 "Proposals" are due on Monday, April 12th.

The proposal is oral. You will meet with me (just me and your project group) and tell me what you want to do, and we will work together to begin to make a plan. We will schedule these meetings during class time on Monday, April 12th.

Turning in P2

While the instructions are pretty explicit about what you need to turn in for Project 2, they say little about when and where.

I am willing to be flexible as to exactly when you turn things in. I would like everyone to give a demo to me, and I need you to turn in your documentation, your report, and your source code. I will provide you with a directory to put stuff in.

I am willing to give people a little more time to write up what they've done, but I don't want to delay you starting on Project 3.

So: today (Friday, April 9) you will send me email detailing how much you have done right now, when you'd like to turn things in, and who you are working with. You should also give me some idea as to your availability to give me a demo.

If you want to turn things in after Monday morning, you should be warned that the standards will be a little higher. So, explain how much more you'll have done, and we can decide if this is a good idea. If you want to turn things in later than April 16th, you'll either need a good excuse, or have to have a really amazing project.

Also: turning in things late does not let you delay starting project 3!

Tue, 06 Apr 2004

Another course...

To see what happens in an equivalent class to this, see:
http://www.cs.ubc.ca/~rbridson/courses/533b-winter-2004/ and look to see the projects required of the students.

Sun, 21 Mar 2004

Monday Classes

For Monday 3/22, we'll meet in 2310
For Monday 3/29, we'll meet in 3331
For Monday 4/5 we won't meet

Thu, 18 Mar 2004

Project 2

Has been posted. Click the link on the left.

Mon, 08 Mar 2004

Readings for after break

Are posted on the calendar. Note that the Witkin and Baraff notes are HUGE (300 pages) - don't print them all! You will want to look at more than just what you have to read, but probably not print them.

A Talk I Recommend

I will miss this talk, but you might want to see it...

The Science of Optics; the History of Art

Charles Falco
University of Arizona

4pm, Thursday, March 11
Room 1800 Engineering Hall

This presentation has been positively received around the world in universities and leading art museums. It is supposed to be very interesting and accessible to scientists and artists and laypersons alike. The subject is described at www.optics.arizona.edu/ssd/colloq.html and in the attachment from Don Reeder, chair of Physics.

The subject is the result of collaboration between this highly regarded optical physicist and renowned artist David Hockney. They have revealed that Renaissance artists were cleverly using optical instruments to enhance the detail in their artwork. Previously, it was assumed that these artists possessed exceptional visual talents that were superior to those of modern artists. Now it is revealed that they were clever, but in a different way, using what would have been "state of the art" technology at the time, probably in a manner that wasn't even obvious to subjects having their live portraits done. A fascinating part of this story is the way in which the artist Hockney observed and intuited that there was a pattern of something amiss in these paintings, and then Falco lent his expertise to identify that the subtle signals were in fact optical errors that could only be explained as precise replication of aberration errors from optical devices such as mirror lenses.

Sun, 07 Mar 2004

Assignments and Projects

I have updated the calendar.

You will notice that there's an assignment about motion graphs - basically, to have you read the papers and comment on them, due shortly after break. Details are on the "Assignments" page.

You will also notice that there's a due date for Project 2 (physics). I will give you a project description at least 3 weeks before the project is due (that means the Friday during break). The project will not be due less than 3 weeks from when i post it. (I hope to have a preliminary version of the project description in the next few days).

Sat, 06 Mar 2004

Lucas's Talk

Will be at 9:30am on Monday in room 2310.

Class will "meet" in B240 at 2:30 to grade projects.

More test data...

in /afs/cs.wisc.edu/p/graphics/public/Data/Motion/class/stm, there are a bunch of motions made from the snap-together motion system. these are motions that can be concatenated together (modulo translation/rotation). there is a readme file explaining how you can even read the graph file to determine what the trans/rot should be

Motions to Blend

Some motions to blend are in /p/graphics/public/Data/Motion/class

You can concatenate any motion. I'm working on finding a set of motions that snap-together well (the output of the snap-together motion system). Unfortunately, the people who know how to run the system weren't around this afternoon.

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