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This is the web page for CS638-3 and CS838-1 (Advanced Graphics). This page is for announcements, if you are looking for basic course info, check Main.Info.

Check out the rss feed of this page, if you prefer to get your information that way. Either way, you will be held accountable for the information that appears on this page. This page will be updated frequently.

May 13,2009 by gleicher (link)
Keeping Score

In case you were wondering: we had really good compliance on the blog postings. For the old reading blogs, on average people contributed to 4 out of 5 (10/18 people contributed to all of them). For the Drupal ones, 6 out of 8 was average (9/18 contributed to all of them).

Also, I have gotten all of the project reports, thanks. I am going through them now. I've gotten all but 3 self/group evals.

May 13,2009 by gleicher (link)
Madison Game Developer Association

The Madison chapter of the International Game Developers Association (IGDA) is having their meeting next week. Its open to anyone who is interested. for more info.

May 13,2009 by gleicher (link)
Games jobs in Madison

Fillament games (who does games for education stuff) is looking to hire people. for both real jobs and summer interns.

May 4,2009 by gleicher (link)
Instructions for Project Hand-Ins

Please check Main.P3#toc6

May 4,2009 by gleicher (link)
Summer Opportunities for Undergrads

If you're an undergrad and looking for something to do this summer, let me know. A colleague in Kinesiology is looking for someone to help implement an virtual reality system for studying how people manipulate objects. You can either write to Prof. Andrea Mason ( directly, or tell me and I can introduce you.

There are some other possibilities as well (including working in our group).

April 30,2009 by gleicher (link)
One Last Week...

Basically, I expect you to spend the last week working on your project. But, we do have 2 last lectures.

We will do course evaluations on Monday - I really would like everyone to come and fill out the course evals. They do matter, and I do want to the feedback to help future course planning.

On Monday, I'll talk about deformations - going over some of the more basic methods (not as fancy as the as-rigid-as-possible stuff you saw recently), and hopefully getting to describe the shape-matching based deformation methods that are really cool, and suprisingly simple. You are not required to do the reading, but if you're curious, check out:

  • The "Fast Lattice Shape Matching" project page (here) - has the paper and some cool demos to play with
  • "Meshless Deformations Based on Shape Matching" (pdf) - the paper that inspired LSM. (its an older paper - it isn't important for understanding LSM)

For Wednesday, my plan is to say anything that is unsaid about deformations, tell you a little about psuedo-haptics (something so simple, its not worth reading about - but suprisingly cool), and saving some time to "wrap up" the whole class.

I'm also open to the idea on Monday of having a vote on what we should do Wednesday.

April 27,2009 by gleicher (link)
In case you're wondering where the semester went...

Here is a calendar of what we've done in class.

April 23,2009 by gleicher (link)

  • Friday, April 24th - we'll talk about papers related to projects. Readings described here
  • Monday, April 27th - we'll talk about motion capture puppetry. Readings here
  • Wednesday, April 29th - we'll talk about our SIGGRAPH paper, and some of the technology behind it. Readings here

April 23,2009 by gleicher (link)
Class Friday 4/24

We'll talk more about motion synthesis things. Now that you've all picked your projects, maybe you'll want to look more closely at the details of the various methods.

The readings are to read things you need for your projects (see here).

Next week, we'll talk about other topics. An announcement coming soon.

April 23,2009 by gleicher (link)
Useful Motions Blog

With Gigabytes of motion (and more coming soon) in the /p/graphics/public/Data/Motion directory, and lots of web resources (like, there is no shortage of motion available for your projects.

The problem, of course, is finding useful motions in this big pile of stuff. To make this easier for everyone, I thought we could help each other out by sharing notes on a blog page.

April 21,2009 by gleicher (link)
Schedule for P3 Meetings

Italics for people who sent me a constraint. I think this works for everyone (although I might need to cut the last meeting short to make it to the 3:30 meeting). Also, links to the P2 writeups (so I have them conveniently)

  • 2:00-2:15 Eric, Blayne (mograph+search) P2
  • 2:15-2:30 Yoh, Finn, Brandon, Jake (mograph+control) P2
  • 2:30-2:45 Cory, Alex, Tom P2
  • 2:45-3:00 Jeff, Will, Ryan (splicing) P2
  • 3:00-3:15 Betsy, Mik, Kong P2
  • 3:15-2:30 Dan, John, Adrian P2

April 16,2009 by gleicher (link)
Project 1 Feedback

Yeah, I haven't gotten it back to you despite my promises. I am almost done and expect to have them sent out tomorrow before lunch. Really.

Update: they are done, but I have a faculty lunch meeting, so I won't be able to send them until after lunch.

April 16,2009 by gleicher (link)
Project 3

Yes, there's a new link over on the sidebar. P3

April 15,2009 by gleicher (link)
P2 Demo Instructions

Just to be clear: we will all be meeting in 1358 on Friday (the 17th) during class time.

In addition to giving me a demo (so I can assess your project) each group will need to look at every other group's project. (one person can give demos while the others look around). After the demos, as part of the writeup (or as a seperate thing), each group will need to make an assessment of each other group's project (to see if its a good platform for Project 3).

April 13,2009 by gleicher (link)
P2 Handin Instructions

Are at the end of the P2 description, here

April 13,2009 by gleicher (link)
Change of Lecture Schedule

I had wanted to talk about more advanced motion synthesis stuff wednesday, but I think we should spend more time on blending. And there's a faculty meeting, so the lecture will be shortened.


  • Wednesday, April 15th - we'll talk more about blending. The main reading is the Registration Curves paper, and we'll also talk about the automatic search and parameterization (project page. But its actually better to look at Chapter 5 and 6 of Lucas Kovar's thesis which has the same material explained a little better.
  • Monday, April 20th, we'll talk about the "advanced synthesis" stuff that was supposed to be the discussion Wednesday.
  • Wednesday, April 22nd - no lecture - we'll have meetings to discuss project ideas.
  • Friday, April 24th - to be determined

April 13,2009 by gleicher (link)
Project 2 Things

Three things I mentioned in class:

  1. Send me email about your thoughts on project groups (if you want to keep your group, if you want to be regrouped, if you don't care, if you think its a good idea, ...)
  2. if you have ideas as to things you think are interesting for a final project (building on this motion capture stuff), let me know. basically, you'll be asked to do some kind of motion synthesis thing (for example, a controllable character) - but i haven't picked the details
  3. on friday, we'll meet in 1358 to look at projects. if your project doesn't run on those machines, either bring a machine it does run on (your laptop) or send me a note ahead of time as to where we can look at it so we can plan. details of the handin will be coming soon.

April 10,2009 by gleicher (link)
Milestone 2

It looks like everyone has made the most important part of milestone 2 - having a BVH viewer that is actually playing BVH files.

But, not everyone (actually almost no one) really did all that was supposed to be part of milestone 2:

This posting should also confirm that your system is properly displaying animations, and give some sense of what motions it works on/doesn't work on. You should also indicate what kinds of bonus features you're trying to get done for the following week.

Please make a posting about the kinds of features you're thinking about, and some sense of how you're testing your parser.

April 8,2009 by gleicher (link)
Procedural/Physics vs. Mocap

This was mentioned on a discussion board, but you might find this article interesting (it doesn't count as a reading for next wednesday though). The system is the one that was mentioned as being a TED talk:

April 7,2009 by gleicher (link)
Next Week (April 13-17th)

The lectures:

  • Monday - Blending (reading)
  • Wednesday - Advanced Synthesis-By-Example (reading)
  • Friday - Project 2 Demos

April 4,2009 by gleicher (link)
Visual Studio in 1358

From the CSL:

Visual Studio 2008 is available on hutch01-04 and starsky02-04. starsky01 was problematic trying to install this product. If there is enough demand for it, we can look into reinstalling this computer. Otherwise, that will likely wait until after the semester ends.

April 3,2009 by gleicher (link)
Visual Studio 2008 in 1358

The CSL will be installing Visual Studio 2008 on the computers in 1358. It probably won't happen until next week, and it might take a few days (there are some issues with VS2008 installation).

April 1,2009 by gleicher (link)
If you want something meatier to read...

Here is a much more recent paper on human character animation. I haven't decided whether or not we're going to cover it in class (mainly since I'm not sure I fully understand it myself, but discussing it might help). But I wanted to point you towards it as a contrast to some of the "easier" papers we're looking at:

March 30,2009 by gleicher (link)
Project 1 Extra Parts

It looks like 13 people have turned in their "extra" part for project 1. (or at least, this is how many my script found).

Please check ProjectList. If you aren't there, your project isn't being found. If you have created a page and this isn't finding it, let me know and I'll rename the page for you. (you can't do this from within the wiki, you need to move files around).

March 29,2009 by gleicher (link)
Upcoming Assignments

Here are the assignments (readings and discussions) for the next few lectures. For all assignments, there's a wiki page describing the readings and a Drupal page for discussion.

  • Monday 3/30 - no reading, but don't forget the project 2 milestone!
  • Wednesday 4/1 - reading (and looking at web demos) assignment here, discussion here
  • Friday, 4/3 - Project 2 Milestone
  • Monday, 4/6 - reading here, discussion here
  • Friday, 4/10 - Project 2 Milestone
  • Monday 4/13 - reading here, discussion here
  • Wednesday 4/15 - there will be a reading assignment given later
  • Friday 4/17 - Project 2 due

March 26,2009 by gleicher (link)
Groups for P2

Here are the groups for Project 2, with the "Blog Pages" I've created for each:

Yes, Jake and Yuzhen are missing from these lists.

Remember, there is a "milestone" for Monday. (see the Project description - there's a link on the sidebar)

We may re-scramble groups for project 3.

March 25,2009 by gleicher (link)
Upcoming Calendar

Here is the plan for the next 3 weeks:

  • Mon 3/30 - Lecture: Motion Capture / Motion Signal Processing
  • Wed 4/1 - Lecture: Motion Synthesis
  • Fri 4/3 - No Class (time to work on projects)
  • Mon 4/6 - Lecture: Synthesis by Concatenation
  • Wed 4/8 - open lab (everyone meets in 1358 to work on projects and discuss it with each other)
  • Fri 4/10 - No Class (time to work on projects)
  • Mon 4/13 - Lecture: Motion Blending
  • Wed 4/15 - Lecture: Control / Responsiveness
  • Fri 4/17 - Project Demos

March 25,2009 by gleicher (link)
Project 2

A preview of project of project two is now online here.

Only 2 or 3 people expressed partner preferences. I will announce assigned groups in the next few days.

March 25,2009 by gleicher (link)
Turning in the "Extra" Assignment

Things are due Monday 3/30. After that, you should be working on Project 2.

What to turn in: Make a wiki page describing what you've done. Include pictures, etc. Call the page "P1Extra" and put it in your page group.

Make sure the page describes:

  • A clear definition of what you were trying to do. For everyone, we had come up with this, so it should be pretty easy.
  • A description of what you actually achieved.
  • Pictures and evaluations of what you did
  • Some self-evaluation - how well did you achieve your goals?
  • Any comments you have on how this addition might have changed what you turned in for the actual project before break.

March 22,2009 by gleicher (link)
This week (March 23-29) in 638/838

This week's schedule will be a little unnusual. I had thought I had posted this before, but it seems to be missing.

  • Monday, March 23rd - class will start as usual (2:30 in Engineering). We'll try to end early so that we can attend the HCI talk.
  • Monday, March 23rd - at 4pm, there is another HCI faculty candidate talking about human-robot interaction. Its optional for class, but it should be interesting. And maybe a little bit more graphics related than the others.
  • Wednesday, March 25th - at 2:30 (normal class time), there will be a talk in 1221 CS by John Hart of U. Illinois. This is required (it takes the place of the normal lecture).
  • Friday, March 27th - class will be a 1 hour "talk" in 1221 CS by me.

In terms of content, we'll start talking about animating human characters and working with motion capture data. You should be working on your "extra week" addition to your project (which will be due Monday and explained soon).

March 13,2009 by gleicher (link)
Project Writeups

I have gotten (at least preliminary) project writeups from everyone (with 1 exception, that I will send email to). Thank you.

I want to thank everyone for their cooperation with the schedule here, and for the feedback. I haven't read through it all yet, but it seems like everyone was quite open and candid about what was good and bad. I promise to post my self-evaluation as well (once I've written it).

Have a great break!

March 13,2009 by gleicher (link)
No Class Today

In case I wasn't clear, we won't be meeting for class today.

March 9,2009 by gleicher (link)
Project Writeups

Main.P1Final is about as close to a description of project writeups as you are going to get.
Main.P1Final is the final description of project writeups.

The important thing is that you get me all the required information, including the evaluation of the project (and the class altogether). The latter part is the most time-sensitive, since I want to use it in planning the rest of the class. However, I'm not sure you can reflect on how the project process went until you've thought about the project results.

I would like to get everything Friday afternoon so I can bring it with me and look at it while traveling. But I am willing to discuss specific deadlines individually when we meet for demos.

March 9,2009 by gleicher (link)
Demo Times on Wednesday

Are listed at Main.P1Schedule

March 6,2009 by gleicher (link)
Final Writeups

I just wrote some instructions on final write ups that might as long as the writeups themselves.

Main.P1Final - this may evolve a bit over the next few days, but its probably pretty close. If you have comments or want clarification on anything, please send it to me.

March 6,2009 by gleicher (link)
Demo Times

In order to schedule project demos next wednesday, I need to know when people are available. Please go to P1DemoTimesBlog and tell me when you cannot come.

March 5,2009 by gleicher (link)
Friday Office Hours

I will hold extra office hours from 2-4pm tomorrow (Friday March 5th) to help people with projects. Feel free to come by if you want to talk about how things are going, get ideas for ways to show off your amazing implementations, help figuring out some last minute details, or anything else.

If you want to talk at some other time, send me email. I am around and will make time.

March 3,2009 by gleicher (link)
Schedule changes

I've updated the schedule a little bit because I want you all to have more time to get your projects wrapped up.

Wednesday (3/4) and Monday (3/10), we'll talk about surface parameterizations. But I've decreased the amount of reading that you are required to do (now its just 1 paper).

On Friday, and next week, aspects of your projects are due. I will provide details in the coming days. But basically, by Friday (3/6), you'll have to show off what your project is, and by Friday (3/13) you'll have to turn in "everything" (for some definition of everything).

March 2,2009 by gleicher (link)

I was out sick today, so some planned updates did not happen.

March 1,2009 by gleicher (link)
The weeks ahead...

In the two weeks between now and Spring Break, we'll be wrapping up the projects and covering the topic of parameterization.

In terms of scheduling:

  • Monday, March 2nd - no class, but you should attend the talk by Eytan Adar (or do the alternate assignment)
  • Wednesday, March 4th - Parameterization 1 - We'll try using the new Drupal discussion page for reading discussion. So click here. There is a paper to read.
  • Friday, March 6th - No Class. This will be more "project time", details to be determined.
  • Monday, March 9th - Parameterization 2 - We'll continue the discussion of parameterization. There will be another paper to read (a longer survey article), but it hasn't been posted yet. Rather than asking you to read about parameterization, I thought you'd like some extra time to work on your project. (the optional reading is here)
  • Wednesday, March 11th - Project wrap up (details to be determined).
  • Friday, March 13th - Projects due.

So, over the next 2 weeks there are 2 lectures with readings, 1 talk to attend, and the project. More details on the final aspects of the projects will be coming soon.

February 26,2009 by gleicher (link)
The new discussion system

Is supposed to be fixed. Please try it out:

February 26,2009 by gleicher (link)
Class Schedule

Friday, Feb 27th - We'll have an "Open Lab" in 1358 (the starsky and hutch lab) to talk about people's projects.

Monday, March 2 - Rather than having a lecture, I'd rather than you attend the Faculty Candidate talk (4pm in 1221 CS). There will be no reading assignment, but there will be an online discussion afterwards. Readings.Read0302EytanAdarBlog

If you cannot attend the talk, please tell me beforehand - you will have an alternate assignment.

February 25,2009 by gleicher (link)
Please test the new Drupal Discussion System

Make sure you can log onto the system at:

and view:

You'll need to use your wisc netid.

Follow the instructions there. Everyone needs to make a posting and then comment on someone else's posting.

February 19,2009 by gleicher (link)
Next Week

For next week, we'll finish up talking about stylized depiction.

  • Monday, Feb 23rd, we'll talk about abstraction of images and video. The readings (and discussion board) are Readings.Read0223AbstractionBlog.
  • Wednesday, Feb 25th, we'll talk about using NPR for visualization. The reading/discussion assignment is a little different, but is described Readings.Read0225NPRSciVisBlog

February 18,2009 by gleicher (link)
Readings and Online Discussion

We had a reasonably good turnout for the Suggestive Contours discussion - 16 people made comments beforehand but only 5 people made comments after the class (so far). My notes for the lecture are reader:Lectures/sugg-contours-notes.pdf.

Before class for the light collages, there were only 11 people with comments - really good comments, but I do want to hear from everyone!

Only 13/20 people have project blogs. Its been helpful to me to see what people are doing (and for some of you, I've even made comments).

February 13,2009 by gleicher (link)
Making a page to list other pages

If you put the "pagelist" directive on a page, you can get a listing of pages. By using it correctly, you can sort it to see what's changed recently, and to look for specific pages.

For example, this is what I use to see everyone's project page (sorted in order of person):

  (:pagelist group=* name=Project1Prop* order=group fmt=#classtoc :)

A better example is: this is the list that you see if you go to Contrib.Contrib, showing the most recent postings in the Contrib page group.

  (:pagelist group=Contrib fmt=#forum order=-time :)

If you set the group and name options correctly, you could have this look for a list of pages you want to keep track of.

February 13,2009 by gleicher (link)
Scenes and Objects

Since so many of you need to find material (to light or subdivide or ...), I've created a discussion board so you can compare notes here.

February 13,2009 by gleicher (link)
Password protected readings

For some of the readings I'm posting online, the copyright restrictions (academic fair use) require me to only provide it to the class. So its password protected. Use the wiki password. When you try to access them, it will say so.

Other links might be to the IEEE or ACM digital libraries. For these, you need to be on campus to have free access. There are ways around that using a proxy service, but I don't know how to do it.

February 12,2009 by gleicher (link)
Next week in 638/838

Next week (Feb 16-20) we'll get back to "normal" - with specified readings (see the post made earlier today for the instructions). We'll talk about stylized display of 3D objects, and make use of some of the differential geometry we learned!

We'll also not have class on Friday so people can work on their projects.

  • On Monday, Feb 16th, we'll talk about Line Drawing. The reading and discussion is here.
  • On Wednesday, Feb 18th, we'll talk about Light Collages. The reading and discussion is here.
  • On Friday, Feb 20th, no class.

February 12,2009 by gleicher (link)
Readings and Lectures

I have been ambivalent on how you should be reading for lectures, and how we should be doing paper discussions. Most of you have been doing a lot of readings for the projects, so I feel OK with this.

But, I would like to pick up the pace of paper reading for a bit. As an experiment, I'd like to try the following for the next few lectures:

  1. Before the lecture, look over the assigned paper - give it a skim/quick read (or a detailed on if you are able).
  2. Before the lecture, post a message to the blog for the day/paper either:
    1. Asking questions (are there things you think are confusing or hard to understand? terms you don't know? bits of background you don't have?) - ideally, we can answer these questions in class so you can read the paper afterwards.
    2. If you have no questions, give a sentence or two describing the key idea of the paper, and why you think this is a good paper (or why do you think I picked it for you to read).
  3. Revisit the paper after the lecture. This time it should be a lot easier since you'll have seen it before.
  4. Post at least one comment on the discussion. What did you think was interesting, useful, wrong, etc? What questions do you still have? Any kinds of thoughts about the paper (or what other people are saying about it)
  5. If you're an 838 student: part of this for you is to learn what makes a graphics paper. In addition to your comments on the content of the paper, try to formulate a sentence or two on why you think this is a good paper - how did this paper get accepted? In the future, there will be a more explicit mechanism for this.

February 12,2009 by gleicher (link)
Differential Geometry Readings

I changed my mind - I was originally going to ask you to read something about differential geometry, and then to do some homework to convince me that you learned something.

Instead, I still would like you to look over the Read0209DiffGeomBlog, and some of the readings. There is a "self-assessment" assignment (make sure you know these words).

Basically, if you don't have an intuition for the concepts a lot of the other things we're going to talk about the next weeks won't make sense.

February 10,2009 by gleicher (link)
Project Announcements

I updated the Main.Project page to answer some questions people were asking, and give instructions about week 3 and 4.

February 9,2009 by gleicher (link)
Schedule Change

As I mentioned in class:

  • Wednesday (2/11) - we won't have class so I can meet with students. Meetings are in my office.
  • Friday (2/13) - we'll talk about surfaces. Yes, its a little dry to work through all the definitions and ideas, but it will pay off by helping us understand how some cool stuff works later.

February 9,2009 by gleicher (link)
Instructions for Project Proposals

Are posted at Main.P1M2. As part of this, I'd like to talk to everyone this week to make sure you have something. We'll work out the logistics in class.

February 6,2009 by gleicher (link)
Next week (2/9-2/13 in 638/838)

The big thing for next week is the project proposal (details soon). This must be approved by Friday, 2/13. That means you'll need to get it to me earlier, and potentially talk about it with me before Friday.

In lectures, we'll try to learn some differential geometry, since its too hard to do anything involving surfaces without it. We'll use suggestive contours to motivate the discussion.

  • For Monday 2/9, your reading assignment is to wrap up Project Phase 1 (add any new readings, comment on other people's ideas). Also, you might want to look at the Suggestive Contours paper (actually, the Real-Time suggestive contrours paper (here) has a nice summary in Appendix B, and talks about a lot of the implementation issues). You don't need to read the SC paper yet, just look at it and see that understanding it might be hard if you aren't up on differential geometry.
  • For Wednesday, your assignment is to look at some of the Differential Geometry readings (to be linked), so that what we discuss makes sense. We'll also talk about meshes and mesh processing. There might be other references to look at after the class.
  • For Friday, there will be a small "homework assignment" to make sure you actually did the readings and learned something from class.

February 6,2009 by gleicher (link)
The web eats my homework too

Unfortunately, I did not properly save the description I wrote last night about the form of the project proposals. But those instructions will be available this weekend.

I'll be busy before class reading all the last minute things you've put up about what you've been reading...

February 4,2009 by gleicher (link)
Lecture Discussion

I have created a single discussion page Contrib.LectureDiscussionBlog for people to post comments on the material in the lecture.

I made this since Jake posted something on another page with some really cool material related to Monday's lecture, but I wouldn't have found it had I not been digging for it.

I thought it was a great idea to have a page for us all to add links and thoughts related to the lectures, but I thought it would be easier to have it all in one place, so I moved Jake's discussion to a more generic discussion page.

Thank you Jake for inspiring this idea!

February 4,2009 by gleicher (link)

I am being reminded why I prefer not to use email for class announcements...

I sent emails to (1) the email account that my email program has for you (probably from the last email you sent me) or (2) your CS email account on the course roster. I have no idea if this is the correct email address for you or not. I know that some of you prefer your GMAIL accounts, some of you prefer your WiscMail accounts, etc.

If you don't read your CS email account, please make sure that mail forwarding is set up so that it gets send to someplace that you will read.

February 3,2009 by gleicher (link)
Project 1 Phase 1

By now, everyone should have gotten an email from me with instructions for project phase 1.

The idea is that I've lumped everyone into four categories of similar interests so that you have a "community" to discuss your ideas with. I've given some initial readings to start with, but hopefully, people will end up reading different things and telling each other about it.

Let me know if you didn't get the email. The general instructions for this phase are at Main.P1M1.

February 2,2009 by gleicher (link)
What's Happening With the Project

I have (from almost everyone) at least a rough area.

From the project description page (Project) you should know that this week, you're supposed to be doing some reading to learn about the area so we can have a better dialog.

Later this evening, I will give more complete instructions on what you need to be doing for "writing up" your reading. I will also make some initial reading suggestions, although, part of the assignment is for you to find things to read yourself.

January 28,2009 by gleicher (link)
Projects Brainstorm - Friday 1/30/2009

On Friday, we'll use class (probably not the whole 75 minutes) to brainstorm about project ideas. So your assignment for Friday is to try to think of some things.

I've listed some things on a page ProjectIdeas

An initial schedule (without details) is at Project. The idea is that next week, you'll pick a topic and read up on it so that the following week, we can work out a realistic project.

January 28,2009 by gleicher (link)
Notes from Lecture

If you're curious to look at the slides we looked at in class (including the sidewalk art), click on the "Lectures" link at left, and then find the notes for today 0128....

January 27,2009 by gleicher (link)
Visual Perception Reading

The reading for Wednesday, January 28th is "Visual Perception", Chapter 21 of Fundamentals of Computer Graphics, 2e.

Please be prepared to discuss this chapter in class. As an experiment, I am not going to require you to do any writing to convince me that you've actually read it.

However, if you want to discuss this article, there is a discussion blog at Read0128VisualPerceptionBlog.

January 21,2009 by gleicher (link)
Accounts and Page Groups

I believe that I have created PageGroups for everyone who created an account. Please try it out. Your page group is your login.

You should now be able to do Main.Assignment00 - let me know if you have any problems.

January 19,2009 by gleicher (link)
First Assignments

No syllabus, or course calendar, or anything, but we already have two assignments:

  • Assignment00 - try out the Wiki - Due Friday, January 23rd
  • Assignment01 - look at the SIGGRAPH proceedings - Due Monday, January 26th

January 14,2009
The first announcement!

This is a test of the 638/838 announcements system. If you can read this, you can read other class announcements!

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