Week 1 - Organizational Stuff

No real assignments (reading or written) for this week, but you will need to get prepared for next week.

Day 1 - Oranization

No real content, just a discussion as to what the class will be about.

Day 2 - History of Film and Animation

Overview lecture. Hopefully with some video of old films.

Readings: None

Web Resource:

Week 2 - Introduction

This week we'll get into real course content. Note that there are assignments due each day.

Day 3 - Topics in Animation

Assignment Due: What's interesting to you? http://www.cs.wisc.edu/~cs777-1/TextWeb/Assignments/Assignment01-Topics.html

Be prepared to discuss what you found during the assignment

Day 4 - Principles of Animation

Assignment Due: You should have read Lasseter.


Other Resources:

Day 5 - Historical Perspective on Animation Systems

Assignment Due (pre class): Read Catmull

Assignment for after class: Think about how other systems (either from the readings or your experimentation) deal with some of the issues


Other resources: