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For the middle section on general graphics programming, the syllabus is here.

For the first few weeks, we will split time between technical foundations, and some of the design aspects. Generally, Tuesdays will be for "technical stuff" and Thursdays will be for "fuzzier stuff."

The readings are listed on the readings page. Here, we note that some things you need to read before class (to be prepared to discuss it), and some things you will read afterwards (but before another lecture or assignment makes use of the material).

For each class where there is reading assigned, you should put something in your class Wiki saying what you've read, and a brief (1-2 paragraphs, or a short bullet list) of the main things you've learned. Also, if you read an alternate reading, please add it to the list for the topic.

Day 3 - Tues Jan 29: Animation and Rotation

Reading: None for class, however, you will read about the content of today's lecture for next tuesday's class.

Day 4 - Thur Feb 1: Principles of Animation

Reading: read Lasseter (or an equivalent) before class to be ready to discuss.
In class: discussion of animation history and principles

Day 5 - Tues Feb 6: Animations, Quaternions, Log Maps, Deformations

Reading: For today, you need to have read up on Quaternions (which were discussed in the last lecture).

Day 6 - Thur Feb 9: User Interface Principles

Reading: before class, read a UI principles reading, and a "ui and design" reading for discussion.
In class: discussion of UI principles and object critiques

Day 7 - Tues Feb 13: User Interface Principles

Because we've schedule slipped, we'll use this as a catchup day.

Day 8 - Thur Feb 15: What Makes Games Fun

Reading: Falstein, or an equivalent

Day 9 - Tues Feb 20:

Day 10 - Thurs Feb 22: Game Design Principles

Reading: Read at least 2 articles on game design. The 2 book chapters (2.1 Falstein and 2.2 Barry) are a good choice. Or some other articles.
In class: Discussion of game design principles.

Day 11 - Tues Feb 27:

Day 12 - Tues Mar 1: Applied Game Design

Reading: before class, you must watch the Von Ahn lecture video, and read something about games and education. You should also look around the web a little to get an idea of what the range of "serious games" is ( lists over 500 - I recommend it for 1 stop shopping).
In class: group exercise to "experience engineer" something.
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