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Feb 12 2007 - added Grading section

1.  Attendance and Participation

Attendance and participation in class exercises are an important part of this class, and will count towards you grade.

Class attendance will be noted. If you must miss class for a non-emergency or illness related reason, you must inform the instructor and TA 24 hours before class. If you miss class because of illness or an emergency, please inform the instructor as soon as possible.

Note: there may not be any opportunity to make up for missed in-class assignments.

1.1  Grading Participation and Reading

In the ideal world, you could come to class to discuss the things you've read, and we would be able to see what you've read. With 25+ people in class, this is impractical (at best).

So, it is your responsibility to let us know (via the Wiki) what you have read, and what you have learned from it. It doesn't need to be much. A "blog-like" page where you list the date, what you read, and a paragraph or two would be great.

2.  Collaboration

In this class, you are encouraged to (in some cases required to) collaborate with other students. We will be explicit as to what each person needs to do individually, and what can/should/must be done with a partner.

Some rules:

  1. Always give proper attribution. For everything, say who worked on it. If you get something from someone else (for example, they give you a code snippet, or help you debug) please acknowledge this.
  2. In general, we will give the same grade to the entire group. For larger projects, we will ask the group about the work/credit distribution.

3.  Late Policies

Many of the assignments and projects in class will have strict due dates because they will be used in class discussions and/or other assignments. For these things, we cannot accept anything late.

For other projects and assignments, penalties will be assessed for things turned in late. This penality is at the discretion of the instructor. You should ask beforehand what a particular penalty will be.

4.  Grading

How you will be graded:

Game Project - 30%

This includes all phases, including your reviews of other games and your critiques of other designs.

Technical Assignments - 40%

This includes the initial programming assignment, as well as a set of assignments/mini-projects in the second half of the course.

Participation and Class Material - 30%

This includes participating in class (which means attending class and contributing to it), keeping a good reading/class summary log, other "written" assignments (that are not part of projects), etc. Much of this is a subjective evaluation.
Note: if you are uncomfortable contributing to class verbally, you can still make contributions electronically. You can email questions about the readings that you'd like to have discussed in class, write ideas you've had or summaries of classes in your wiki page, ...
Note: there are no exams planned, so that it is your responsibility to demonstrate to the instructor and TA that you are learning the material through participation in class discussion and exercises, reading summaries, and other writings on your class Wiki.

5.  Wiki

A warning: when you are typing a lot of stuff onto a Wiki page, either edit in an external editor, or save often. I just lost a lot of work!

Wiki Mechanics

We are using because it is simple to use and set up. It will require a little getting used to on your part.

The Wiki is not super secure. We'll do out best, but we're really relying on the "reasonable person principle." A few particular caveats:

  1. Passwords (and everything else for that matter) are sent in plaintext. Don't use a password you care about.
  2. All changes to the Wiki are logged and should be backed up. So if something goes wrong we should be able to recover.
  3. If you notice something is wrong, tell the instructor and TA immediately.
  4. Unfortunately, all password and account setup has to be done manually by the TA (we're working on fixing this).

You will be required to put all of your class work on the Wiki for the rest of the class to see. It is up to you whether you want the rest of the world to be able to see it.

Every person in class will get their own "Page Group." (kindof like a directory of Wiki Pages). You will be able to control your own group. You must make it readable by the class (e.g. read permission to id:*). By default is is only writable by you. If you're working with someone, you can give them write permission for a particular page.

Note: we're giving people a lot of freedom (and responsibility). The course staff will remove Wiki access from students who do do something improper. Please:

  1. do not place any material that is in bad taste, illegal (e.g. copyrighted), or without the permission of its original author
  2. do not modify someone else's pages without their permission
  3. give proper attribution for anything you put on your page

Personal Home Page

The "Home Page" within your Page Group should have links to everything you turn in on your Wiki. You can put other stuff there too if you'd like, but please make it easy for us to find the things we need.

External Links

Please avoid non-permanent external links.

That means if you want to put a picture on a page, you need to put the picture into the wiki's pub directory on afs: /p/course/cs679-gleicher/public/html/pmwiki/pub/students/anyone

If you want your own subdirectory, ask the instructor or TA.

To refer to a file in this directory, use the "intermap" notations: pubstudents:FILENAME.

Note: it is important to do this because after the semester is over, the Wiki will be relocated.

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