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Warning: this project (like everything in this class) is an experiment. If something doesn't seem quite right, please let us know and we'll clarify or fix it. Check back for fixes and updates.

In this project you'll design and write a game.

The actual implementation will be done in teams of 4, although an initial design phase will be done in teams of two.

We are quite open as to what game you write. There are just a few ground rules.

The project will proceed through a series of milestones over the course of the 5 weeks. There are some hard deadlines involved. The idea is to see how much you can do in a short period of time.

Most of the descriptions appear on other pages. Here are the pages that you should look at:

  • TheGame - describes the ground rules for the game you will write
  • GameMilestones - provides the due dates, with a brief description of what is due on each date. Longer descriptions are available elsewhere.
  • GameProposals - describes what should be in your game project proposals.

Future pages will include:

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