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Lectures are Tuesday/Thursday at 9:30am.

Jan 23
Course Introduction

Jan 25
Video Game Courses
Due: Assignment1

Jan 30
Due: Assignment2

Feb 1
Principles of Animation

Feb 6
Animations, Quaternions, Log Maps, Deformations

Feb 8
More on Rotations

Feb 13
User Interface Principles
Due: Program 1 Signs of Life

Feb 15
What Makes Games Fun

Feb 20
Dan Vondrak, Guest Lecture
Due: Program 1 Demos
Due: Design Partner Assignment

Feb 22
Game Design Principles
Due: Program 1 Final
Due: (23rd) Ideas Email
Read: Game Design

Feb 27
Game Project "Pitches"
Due: Game Design Idea
Due: (28th) Game Critiques

March 1
Applied Game Design
Read: Using Game Design to Achieve other Ends

March 6
Due: Game Project Proposals

March 8
Memory Management

March 13
Graphics Programming
Read:graphics overview
Due: Game Project Plan

March 15
Low Level Performance

March 20
High Level Performance
Read:spatial structuring
Due: Game Project Signs of Life Demo

March 22
Quality Tradeoffs and Image-Based methods
Read:image and lod

March 27
In-Class Play Testing
Due: Game Project Play Testing

March 29
Due: Game Project Final!

April 3
Spring Break!

April 5
Spring Break!

April 10
GPUs and Lighting

April 12
Spherical Harmonics, PRT, Animation Basics

April 17
Noise, Example-Based Concepts, Human Animation

April 19
Rigging and Skinning

April 24
Motion Capture
Due: Shader Assignment

April 26
Shader Discussion
Dee: Technical Proposal

May 1
Physics Basics
Due: Homeworks,ECA

May 3
Collision detection and response, physics effects
Due: Demo Checkpoint

May 8
AI (1): Reactiveness, Behaviors, State Machines

May 10
AI (2): Path Planning, Strategy, Story and Direction Due (11th): Homeworks,ECA,Demos

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