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Project 3 Hand-ins and Late Policy

Project 3 has the official due date of Monday, December 10th, 11:59pm. Demo sessions will begin at 1:30pm on Wednesday, December 12th.

Because of the end of the semester, and because we want to give everyone the most possible time to have the best possible project, we will give everyone extra time as follows:

For students who have not used their late pass yet: you will get a special deal that is hopefully just as good.

Signups for demo timeslots will be available on Friday, 12/7. (Hopefully, in class, but maybe in the afternoon). Only students who have not used their late pass will be allowed to sign up before noon on Monday, December 10th. All students can sign up after noon on Monday December 10th.

All students, including those participating in the audience demo, must sign up for a demo slot before noon on Wednesday, December 12th or make an alternate arrangement with the professor before that time.

The "Audience Demo"

This is optional: participating (either attending or giving a demo in it) is optional. It will not affect your grade. You should only do this because you think it will be fun. You do not have to participate (give a demo) in order to attend, but if you participate you should attend the whole thing.

We will do some demos in a "theater" style setting (a conference room). This way, people can see what other people have done.

You will have to run your demos on Yoh's laptop (that does have a good graphics accelerator) or my laptop (ditto).

We will only be able to have a limited number of people do their demos this way. If you agree to demo in this session, you are agreeing to come to the session (we will go in a random order), and that you will arrange ahead of time for your demo to run on Yoh's laptop.

For students participating in the "Audience" Demo

Late Policy for Students who have used their late pass

Late Policy for Students who have not used their late pass

Making changes after Your Demo

If you make changes after your demo, you must do the following:

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