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Getting P3 to work in release build

The original version of the P3 example code didn't build in release build. You can download a new version hhere (the file name will be "") that has the fixes. Otherwise, if you have already started making changes you can either only build your program in debug build (while this is generally not a good idea, it is acceptable for this project provided your program runs fast enough). Or do the following:

1. Set the release build settings

  1. Select the "release" configuration
  2. Right click on thee CS559-Project3 to edit its properties
  3. Under C++ pick the code generation sub-option
  4. Select "Multi-Threaded DLL /MD" for the runtime Library
  5. Under Linker pick the "input" sub-option
  6. for the "additional dependencies" put in:
    fltk.lib fltkgl.lib comctl32.lib wsock32.lib opengl32.lib glu32.lib glaux.lib fltkjpeg.lib fltkpng.lib fltkimages.lib fltkz.lib
  7. clean solution and rebuild solution

The program should now compile in release mode, but if you try to run it, it will crash.

There is a wierd bug in the driving code. (which is code that you aren't supposed to look at anyway). So you need to update the driving code.

2. Get new versions of Road.cpp, Roads.H and Drive.cpp

Download the new versions of Road.cpp and Drive.cpp and use them to replace the old ones. They go in the "Roads" subdirectory. You can download the contents of that directory here.

If you really want to know, what was happening is that the driving code has a problem if cars start out in a particular (unusual) configuration. Under debug build, the random number generator doesn't seem to put cars in places that cause this to happen.

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